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FOCA, December 19 /SRNA/ - 25 years have passed since one of the most massive and most monstrous crimes of the last war - the killing of 56 Serbs in Gornja Josanica near Foca, on December 19, 1992, on their doorsteps, on a day when they were supposed to celebrate patron saint day.


It is impossible to describe the cruelty of the crime committed by the Gorazde army that called itself the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina that raided the hinterlands of Serb military positions with a clear goal and a clear order, as confirmed by one of the captured Muslim soldiers, that none of the villagers, children included, had not stay alive.

About 600 members of the so-called BiH Army took part in the attack, in ten groups deployed to ten other Josanica hamlets, which were wiped out.

Twenty-one women were killed in cold blood, and three children, ten-year-old Dragana Visnjic, her three year younger baby brother Drazen and two-year-old Danka Tanovic.

A pupil of the fourth grade of the Veselin Maslesa Elementary School in Foca, Dragana Visnjic, and her brother Drazen, came from Foca with their parents the day before to their grandparents’ to celebrate patron saint day.

A total of 16 Visnjic family members were killed, while Dusanka Lalovic, then Visnjic, is one of the few from this family who managed to escape.

"The most terrible thing is that the two complete families were killed, the family of Vukadin Visnjic and the family Stojka Visnjic," says Lalovic, whose father Tomo was killed.

On the day when they were supposed to break the slava cake, their grandfather Vukadin Visnjic /64/, his wife Zorka /64/, their two sons Dragoljub /39/ and Milan /33/, Dragoljub's wife Olga /31/ and their two children, Dragana /10/ and Drazen /7/, were killed.

All Stojka Visnjic’s /68/ family members were killed; Stojka was killed along with her daughter-in-law Goja /44/, granddaughters Zora /22/ and Ranka /24/, grandson Vlatko Visnjic /20/ and great granddaughter Danka Tanovic /2/, Zora’a daughter.

Nine members of the Kulic family were killed, five of the Grujicic and five of Blagojevic families, then four of Davidovic, three of Jegdic, Pljevaljcic and Stojanovic families, two of Micevic and Ivanovic, and one member of Skipina, Stevanovic, Jagodic and Tanovic families.

The retired doctor Slavko Djordjevic, whose sister Jela Visnjic /50/ and brother-in-law Miladin Visnjic /52/ were killed, received the bodies at the mortuary of the Foca Hospital, taking photographs of each victim individually.

"An incomprehensible crime was committed: everyone was killed by knife /slitting throats/, blunt force trauma by using blunt hard objects and axes; Neither did they defend themselves nor they had weapons to defend," Djordjevic says.

He recalls that his sister was stabbed multiple times in the stomach and eventually killed by a stab in the neck.

"My son-in-law was cut with a knife from foot to gluteus, they cut several muscles, while his forehead, hands and feet were smashed to prevent him from escaping. They were smashing skulls with some blunt objects, cutting their faces and nose, cutting off their ears," says Djordjevic.

Ordering officers from the war presidency of the Gorazde municipality and the military top of the so-called BiH Army are known, as well as direct commanders of units on the ground, but the indictment is still pending.

Dusanka Lalovic says there is no court before which she did not make statements - from Trebinje to the Sarajevo Prosecutor's Office, and as she emphasizes, the case was in The Hague from where it was returned.

"Noone has ever been held responsible. How can anyone live for 25 years, knowing that he has committed such a crime? And look at the symbolism, The Hague is closing this year on the St. Nicolas Day, and nobody has been held responsible for the crime committed on St. Nicolas Day in Josanica. Who killed 56 people, whose only guilt was for being Serbs and celebrating their patron saint day? The perpetrators of this crime are known, they wrote books about their heroism, but the justice is silent," said Lalovic.

Two years ago, the construction of the chapel church began on the estate of Visnjic family, as a sign of eternal recollection of the Josanica martyrs.

The church is built with the contributions of the faithful. The funds can be paid into the bank account at Nova Banka: 555 8000020566722; Foreign currency account: 5550000020567219.

The anniversary of the crime was officially marked in May, on the summer St. Nicolas Day, and the families of the dead today visited the cemetery in Josanica and Foca and lit candles for the souls of innocent victims. /end/vos