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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - January 3, 2018




BANJALUKA - The editorial board of the Radio-Television of Republika Srpska /RTRS/ strongly condemns and rejects the SDS's allegations regarding the explosion caused by a bomb planted under the vehicle belonging to Stevan Medic, SDS councilors in the Sipovo Municipal Assembly.

JAHORINA - The visitors to Mount Jahorina will be able to test the new skiing trail intended for all ages, primarily for younger ones, near the Bistrica Hotel for the next two days, announced today the Jahorina Olympic Centre.


BRCKO - The fiscalization system in the Brcko District was not established on January 1 as it should have been done according to the Law on Fiscal Systems, due to the lack of legislation itself, especially when it comes to the part related to the purchase of fiscal cash registers.


NOVI SAD – The central memorial service in memory of killed Serbs, Jews and Roma in the notorious raid of Hungarian fascist forces carried out in 1942 in Backa, will be held tomorrow in Zablje.

NOVI SAD- Novi Sad Mayor Milos Vucevic has said that the new building of the Music and Ballet School with concert halls, whose construction is in progress, will be one of the most modern ones in this part of Europe.


PODGORICA - Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic has said that his government has achieved serious results and has created a good basis for the growth of the Montenegrin economy this year.

LJUBLJANA - Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec said today that the Slovenian police have the right to fine Croatian fishermen for entering the Slovenian waters in the Gulf of Piran. /end/vos