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BANJALUKA, September 12 /SRNA/ - The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina should be disbanded since it has hardly managed to prosecute two per cent of the crimes committed against Serbs, while it managed to prosecute nearly 100 per cent of the crimes committed by Serbs against Bonsiaks and Croats, says Bozica Zivkovic Rajilic, head of the Association of Women Victims of War of Republika Srpska.


She points out that a ruling sentencing Mensur Djakic to two years in prison and acquitting Begzad Kajtazi of a war crime committed against Serbs in the Brcko village of Bukvik in 1992 only confirms that the BiH Court serves the policies of the Party of Democratic Action /SDA/.

“We don’t find what the BiH Court is doing surprising because it uses double standards. This is not the first time they have rendered a minimum or no sentence for crimes against Serbs because it is a political court siding with Bosniaks against Serbs,” Rajilic told Srna.

Rajilic asserts that the only solution is to disband the BiH Court and have entity courts prosecute war crime because the Serbs have no trust in the BiH Court at all.

The BiH Court has sentenced Mensur Djakic to two years in jail and acquitted Begzad Kajtazi of charges for a war crime against Serbs in Bukvik in Brcko committed in September 1992.

The Croat and Muslim paramilitary units killed 68 people in Bukvik and other Brcko villages on September 14, 1992. /end/ds