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Any disorder in the streets will not be allowed, nor will any takeover or overthrow of power in the streets. Elections are the pinnacle of democracy where citizens will have their say and choose the ones they want to be represented by, says Lukac.


BANJALUKA, September 12 /SRNA/ - Minister of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska Dragan Lukac confirms there is information there might occur some unwanted situations in Republika Srpska during the election campaign and after the elections, vowing the police will prevent anyone who tries to do anything by force or in an inappropriate manner.

"Everybody who believes they can resolve things in the street are mistaken. They shouldn’t even think about it, let alone try anything because there are laws which have to be observed and no one can threaten anyone else’s life, property, institutions, etc. The police will not allow it. The police will react to any kind of ‘street action’ or violence and carry out measures provided for by the law, apprehend such persons and prosecute them. I don’t recommend any such attempts because they can only lead to unwanted problems for all of us in Republika Srpska, which absolutely doesn’t need them,” Lukac stated in an interview with Srna.

Noting that this year is specific for many things, especially for being an election year, Lukac said Republika Srpska and its people needed to show a democratic capacity and that the voters had to be allowed to vote for whomever they want, for the people they trusted would bring them a better future.

"Any disorder in the streets will not be allowed, nor will any takeover or overthrow of power in the streets. Elections are the pinnacle of democracy where citizens will have their say and choose the ones they want to be represented by,” emphasised Lukac.

He said the police had certain information that those dissatisfied with the outcome of the elections might try to prove that the elections were irregular, undemocratic, that votes were stolen from them or something like that, and that they might get rounded up in the streets.

"We have already had such announcements but all those things about alleged irregularity of elections may be proved in court and the accountable ones, if any, can be prosecuted and brought to justice for it in line with law,” added Lukac.


Touching on the reasons for the opposition’s constant attacks on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and himself personally, Lukac stated that members of the opposition had obviously realised that the Ministry was a guarantor of security and survival of Republika Srpska, like it always had been, as well as of the survival of all Srpska institutions, adding that they were trying to damage it by constantly attacking it.

"I don’t know why the Alliance for Change decided to destroy the Ministry of Interior - whether to show something in Republika Srpska is not working or to undermine other entity institutions, or they think that’s the way to get to power or do something completely different? They know best why.

“It is clear it is every opposition’s goal to get to power, but if they are going to achieve it by undermining or weakening the institutions and have the citizens disbelieve their own institutions and enforcement of law, then that is definitely not the way. If you overthrow the institutions of your republic and then even come into power and think that you can elevate those institutions to some level that suits you, I am certain you are very wrong,” said the minister.

He warns that such a thing must never be done to Republika Srpska and that the survival of entity institutions must never be put at stake, especially of the Ministry of Internal Affairs which has always been the guarantor and pillar of the survival of Republika Srpska and Serbs in these parts, especially under the circumstances when it has no army of its own.

"For all these years, the opposition have never managed to give arguments or prove any of their claims, even though they have persistently tried to allege that the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not function, that it is a nest of some form of crime even, or as the Minister of Security Dragan Mektic said, that the ‘top personnel in the Ministry of Internal Affairs are dealing drugs’ and many other things we heard them say. It is obvious that the Ministry is a problem just to them, since we have not heard any such thing from our citizens. Citizens believe in the police no matter what opposition parties say,” said Lukac.

According to the minister, many members of the opposition even looked funny with such argument-lacking statements, but they didn’t find it problematic, they rather kept on doing it realising that the Ministry was an obstacle for some of their activities they wanted or want to carry out.


When asked to comment on everyday rallies of the Justice for David group at the Krajina Square in Banjaluka, Lukac said he had nothing against the group trying in a peaceful and dignified manner to reach the truth about the death of David Dragicevic, like they had done so far.

"Police have never prevented them from gathering despite the fact the group does not have an approval to hold such rallies, nor have they ever prevented them from expressing their views even though during some of those rallies you could sometimes hear unpleasant threats and claims that were not and cannot be corroborated by evidence or arguments. It is their right to express their opinions in a peaceful and dignified manner, and the police are on the Square every evening, securing the rally so that they as a group don’t have any trouble with any of the citizens who disagree with them,” said Lukac.

The minister believes that the Justice for David group should maintain its dignified course of action until the full truth is reached and until it is definitely established what had actually happened to late David, until the Prosecutor’s Office finally present the evidence and arguments, the only thing credible and truthful.

"I am glad that lawyers who can help the family and the group and all of us reach the truth have arrived. Those lawyers have extensive experience and I hope they can actually help. We’ve already heard some of them say they don’t want any politics involved in the case because they would abandon the case if there is any political action or abuse of their names, which I consider absolutely correct.

“We’ve testified it many times so far that many politicians, especially those from the Alliance for Change, behaved like vultures in this unfortunate case, trying to gain a few political points for themselves in an effort to turn the tide - which is morbid. It is a precedent and clearly means that certain politicians don’t have any scruples and don’t stick at nothing to come into power,” said Lukac.

As for the Justice for David group, Lukac says some rallies have been announced for the upcoming period which are related to politics, but are not related to seeking the truth about late David, which is not good at all.

"In addition, scheduling a rally that is supposed to take place during an election campaign, especially during the blackout, and mentioning of certain dates cannot be approved, because that can only cause problems. Such rallies can only be used for political purposes.

“That’s why the competent authorities should be allowed to finish their job. We have spoken to the lawyers, they visited me and the Prosecutor’s Office, they will be provided with everything, they will be supplied all information they want, all in order to reach the full truth and establish what had really happened. Anything else would be a morbid abuse of the young man’s death for political goals,” concluded the Minister of Internal Affairs Dragan Lukac in the interview with Srna. /end/ds