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SRNA News Roundup /I/ - September 12, 2018




BANJALUKA - Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic will attend the conference “Function of Banja Luka Airport in regional development” in Banjaluka on Wednesday.

BANJALUKA - Minister of Education and Culture Dane Malesevic says the Book Fair in Banjaluka, which is successfully organised by Glas Srpske, has confirmed its place among the most significant cultural events in Republika Srpska, promoting literature, publishing industry and culture as a whole.

BANJALUKA - Head of the Association of Camp Detainees of Republika Srpska Branislav Dukic believes a BiH Court ruling sentencing Mensur Djakic to two years in prison and acquitting Begzad Kajtazi of a war crime committed against Serbs in the Brcko village of Bukvik in 1992 confirms the institutions is a political court which convicts only Serbs rendering them long prison sentences for alleged war crimes.

GRADISKA - Mayor of Gradiska Zoran Adzic stated on Tuesday evening that the German company Lohmann & Rauscher, a leading international supplier of medical equipment and supplies, expressed a wish to build a production plant in the local community.

SREBRENICA - Representative of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation/AISC/ Marco Spada handed keys to three new tractors to representatives of agricultural organisations from Srebrenica on Wednesday.

BANJALUKA - Resolving the long-term lack of water problem in higher parts of the Banjaluka Cesma suburb, which has lately been increasingly populated, will begin later this month as the contractor has been selected, reports the city administration.

BANJALUKA - Police in Banjaluka are holding lectures in the city’s elementary schools to teach the youngest ones traffic rules. The force has also increased its presence in the vicinity of educational institutions and on the roads frequently used by children.

DOBOJ - Police in Doboj have found an illegal migrant at the railway station in the city. The migrant did not have any ID or a certificate proving his intention to apply for asylum, the Doboj Police Administration reported on Wednesday.


BANJALUKA - Milica Markovic, an SNSD member of the BiH House of Representatives, said that imposing sanctions on her party’s fellow member Nikola Spiric was a political message, a precedent and interference in the election process, adding that it was not a coincidence it occurred right before the elections.

SARAJEVO - BiH Minister of Finance and Treasury Vjekoslav Bevanda and Director of Transport at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development /EBRD/ Sue Barrett will sign a EUR180 million loan agreement for the construction of two sections and Ivan tunnel on Corridor Vc in Sarajevo on Wednesday.


SARAJEVO - A total of BAM898.7 was allocated in the first six months for salaries and allowances to employees in municipal, cantonal and entity authorities of the Federation of BiH.


SARAJEVO - A total of 3,352,933 voters have been entered in the central voting list for the general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, reports the Central Election Commission.

BANJALUKA - Dragan Covic, the current member of the BiH Presidency, enjoys the trust of 68.2 per cent of Croat voters in the race for the Croat member of the institution, according to the results published by the Centre for Political Science Research of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University in Mostar.

BRATUNAC - Vojin Pavlovic, an independent candidate for president of Republika Srpska, says the “Serbs must do all they can to punish the Alliance for Change for the damage they have incurred to Republika Srpska over the past four years and make sure the leaders of its parties end up in a historical dump.”

BANJALUKA - A meeting of the SNSD-DNS-SP has started in Banjaluka. It is attended by SNSD leader Milorad Dodik, his deputy Zeljka Cvijanovic, deputy leader of the DNS Nedeljko Cubrilovic, chair of the SP City Board Goran Selak and chair of the SNSD City Board Igor Radojicic.


BELGRADE - The most important thing for Belgrade in its dialogue with Pristina is to maintain its proactive role in seeking a sustainable solution for Kosovo, said Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Rasim Ljajic.

BELGRADE - Starting this school year, threatening one’s own or the security of pupils and teachers, and violence in Serbian schools will be punished by warnings, rebuke or compulsory community service or humanitarian work, reports the Vecernje Novosti daily.


VIENNA - Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic claims Croatia is one of the most liberal EU states and denies any extremism in her country.

ZAGREB - Tomislav Mercep, who has been sentenced to seven years in jail by the Croatian Supreme Court for failing to prevent crimes against Serb civilians while commanding the forces in the 1990s war known as the Mercep Unit, is spending his prison time in a spa instead of a prison cell, which counts towards his sentence, reports the website Indeks.hr. /end/ds