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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - September 12, 2018




BANJALUKA - President Milorad Dodik stated on Wednesday that security in Banjaluka will be raised to a highest level during a visit from Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

BANJALUKA - Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic says the increase of salaries on the basis of the increase in the non-taxable part of income, is the duty of all employers in Republika Srpska, adding that the Inspectorate and Tax Administration will pay special attention to the relevant control.

BANJALUKA - Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic said Airport Banjaluka has excellent chances of becoming a regional airport, adding that she sees enormous possibilities for its development and revival and a chance to improve and boost the local business, tourism and passenger traffic.

BANJALUKA - Director of Airport of Republika Srpska Dusko Kovacevic said Wednesday there would have been no flights from the Banjaluka airport to European cities had the Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic not got involved in the negotiations with the Europe’s biggest low-budget airline Ryanair.

BANJALUKA - Minister of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska Dragan Lukac confirms there is information there might occur some unwanted situations in Republika Srpska during the election campaign and after the elections, vowing the police will prevent anyone who tries to do anything by force or in an inappropriate manner. Any disorder in the streets will not be allowed, nor will any takeover or overthrow of power in the streets. Elections are the pinnacle of democracy where citizens will have their say and choose the ones they want to be represented by, said Lukac.

BANJALUKA - Minister of Health and Social Welfare Dragan Bogdanic says Republika Srpska has adopted a strategy for care about elderly persons and brought considerable order to old people’s homes.

BANJALUKA - Head of the Srpska Centre for Research of War, War Crimes and Search for the Missing Milorad Kojic told Srna on Wednesday work methodologies have been defined for independent international commissions in charge of establishing the truth about the suffering of all peoples in the Srebrenica region and about the suffering of Serbs in Sarajevo.

BANJALUKA - People suffering from tuberculosis in Republika Srpska have access to the most efficient drugs in hospitals and pharmacies - antituberculotic drugs which are fully funded by the Health Insurance Fund of Republika Srpska, while the drug levofloxacin which treats multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis has been provided recently.

BANJALUKA - Mayor of Banjaluka Igor Radojicic says the upcoming visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to his city carries great importance, because Republika Srpska is trying to maintain extremely good relations with Lavrov’s country.

STANARI - Mayor of Stanari Dusan Panic signed agreements with 21 beneficiaries of subsidies for self-employment and employment of new workers in production, small crafts and services, and incentives in agriculture, with 29 people getting a job, for which purpose an amount of BAM350,000 was allocated from the local budget.


BANJALUKA - Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic says the BiH arrangement with the International Monetary Fund will remain “alive” and that it was well-known that there would not be any tranche until the elections.

SARAJEVO - BiH Presidency member from Republika Srpska Mladen Ivanic stated Wednesday in Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina should decide what it wants and try to attract Chinese investors who will know how to best use its potential and boost economic cooperation between China and BiH.

SARAJEVO - Head of the EU Delegation to BiH Lars-Gunnar Wigemark stated Wednesday that next year will be very important for BiH when it comes to European integration and added that in the first half of 2019 BiH will receive an opinion from the European Commission which will “specify the guidelines in terms of a strategy and the course of reforms the country should take.”

BANJALUKA - The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina should be disbanded since it has hardly managed to prosecute two per cent of the crimes committed against Serbs in its 16 years of operations, while it managed to prosecute nearly 100 per cent of the crimes committed by Serbs against Bosniaks and Croats, says Bozica Zivkovic Rajilic, head of the Association of Women Victims of War of Republika Srpska.


BANJALUKA - Head of the Alliance of Camp Detainees of Republika Srpska Branislav Dukic says the desecration of a memorial plaque to killed Serbs in the former Mujahideen camp Gostovic near Zavidovici only shows the extent of hatred in the Federation of BiH against anything Serb and that there can be no co-existence in BiH.

MOSTAR - Serb returnee LJ.K. /76/ from Hodbina outside Mostar died in a shooting or blast on Wednesday morning, Srna has found.


BANJALUKA - SNSD candidate for BiH Presidency member from Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik says Republika Srpska must choose the SNSD-DNS-SP coalition in order to remain stable, peaceful and move on.

VLASENICA - Head of the SRS Dr Vojislav Seselj party Municipal Board in Vlasenica, Acim Todorovic, and chair of the PDP Municipal Board in Vlasenica Radoslav Mijic joined the SNSD on Wednesday.

BANJALUKA - The Banjaluka City Board of the Democratic People’s Alliance /DNS/ will organise the event “For the Benefit of Citizens” in Banjaluka on Wednesday evening.

BANJALUKA - Candidates of the First SDS party for president of Republika Srpska Radomir Lukic and member of the BiH Presidency Gojko Klickovic will visit the party board in the Banjaluka Obilicevo suburb on Thursday.


BERLIN /Reuters/ - German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned xenophobic attacks and the use of Nazi slogans in a robust speech to parliament on Wednesday. /end/ds