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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - September 12, 2018




TRNOVO – Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said that Trnovo Municipality will get one of the five ambulances donated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic which will be given on October 5 at the opening of a new hospital in Istocno Sarajevo.


SARAJEVO – BiH Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak and French Senator Olivier Cadic spoke today in Sarajevo about the situation in the region with the focus on completion of the Belgrade-Pristina negotiations.

SARAJEVO – Great Britain will continue to support reform processes in BiH, the newly-appointed British Ambassador to BiH, Matthew Field, said today at a meeting with BiH Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak.


SARAJEVO – The BiH Minister of Finance and Treasury, Vjekoslav Bevanda, sent a message today to FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalic, saying that he “has exaggerated greatly” by claiming that the FBiH is every year deprived of KM 32 million from road tolls.


TRNOVO – The SNSD candidate for the Republika Srpska member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, said today in Trnovo that he believes that citizens recognize what the government, headed by the SNSD, did and called on them to continue developing this municipality and Srpska together.

BANJALUKA – Dragan Lukac, a member of the SNSD presidency, has told SRNA that SDS president Vukota Govedaric “is more and more losing nerves since the election campaign of the ‘Alliance for Something’ is not unfolding so well and he can only dream of their forums being as visited as those of the SNSD.”

BANJALUKA – NDP president Dragan Cavic said this evening in Banjaluka that when he gets to power after the October 7 elections, he will propose a set of laws which will make a complete reorganization of courts and prosecutors’ offices in Republika Srpska and change the attitude towards law enforcement institutions.

GRADISKA – The candidate of the “First SDS” for Republika Srpska President, Radomir Lukic, has said that in case citizens vote for him, he will work to preserve Srpska, without which the Serbian people cannot survive in these parts.


BELGRADE – Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin has said that the Speaker of Parliament of self-declared Kossovo, Kadri Veseli, is bothered by the fact that there are Serbs and Serbia in Kossovo and Metohija.

BELGRADE – A team of students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade won the first place in a race of heavy-lift ships and the fourth place in a competition of vessels for transport of lightweight cargo at the international competition “HydroContest 2018” in France.


BELGRADE – The decision of the Croatian Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Veterans that the convicted war criminal Tomislav Mercep can spend his days in a spa instead of in a prison is another confirmation that Croatia is, in essence,the Ustashe state, says the president of the Alliance of Serbs from the Region, Miodrag Linta. /end/sg