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ALEKSANDROVAC, September 29 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said that high representatives have destroyed the Dayton Agreement and violated international law for years in BiH, and that this is why he will commit to closing down the OHR.


“/High representative to BiH/ Valentin Inzko is meddling into the election process. I think that high representatives are causing conflicts here since they destroyed the Dayton Agreement. They are the greatest criminals, and Paddy Ashdown is bragging about the violence he carried out against us. Inzko has had a salary of 24,000 Euros for ten years and he is lecturing us about stabilization,” Dodik told reporters in Aleksandrovac, prompted by Inzko’s statement on elections in BiH.

He says that by derogating from the Dayton Peace Agreement, high representatives distanced BiH from a possible existence.

“BiH can exist in keeping with the Constitution, and if something is not in line with it, then it is illegal. Now, you have a man who was destroying the Dayton Agreement and was covering up the crime, while preaching who will vote for whom. Of course that this amounts to the meddling into the election process, and his statements are a proof enough that he is doing it,” Dodik has said.

He has said that high representatives devastated the status of Croats in BiH.

“Look how everything looks like now. High representatives destroyed a possibility of a quota of Croatian votes for obligatory decisions. This will be prepared for us if we do not defend ourselves,” Dodik has said.

He has said that indirect taxes, which are in the competence of BiH, cost Republika Srpska KM 3 billion.

“This is our complete foreign debt. We transferred KM 3 billion to BiH accounts of which we did not have any benefit. We could build roads, schools and give KM one billion to companies as aid. We gave the money in keeping with a model that was supported by Mladen Ivanic, which is catastrophic for us since our fiscal sovereignty has been destroyed. No one in Srpska feels that they are getting anything from BiH,” Dodik has said.

Inzko has said that in the upcoming elections, citizens can choose between confrontation and normalcy, between stagnation and progress, and added that the IC did not intervene enough. /end/sg