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ISTOCNO SARAJEVO, December 4 /SRNA/ - BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik has stated he will strictly follow the Republika Srpska National Assembly’s resolution on military neutrality and will not support anything related to NATO.


"I will adhere to the Republika Srpska National Assembly’s resolution on military neutrality and everything beyond that representing any inclusion in any military alliance, whether NATO or any other, will not be supported by me," Dodik told reporters this evening in the HQ of Republika Srpska in Istocno Sarajevo.

He has recalled that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also said that it is up to BiH to decide whether to join the Alliance, therefore all the theories about this topic by now were speculations.

Unfortunately, Dodik stresses, all the international community’s policies in the past years in BiH, including NATO one, have been based on the system "it is ok, if passed."

He has stated that in the context of the then international circumstances and strategic positions, Republika Srpska considered a decade ago that there was reason to talk about accession, "even when the MAP was given in Tallinn and the condition for it was the registration of military property", but today the geopolitical situation is completely changed.

"At that time, we believed that we should talk about these alliances, and the great powers did the same, including Russia," Dodik has said.

He has stressed that the current position of Republika Srpska's institutions on possible BiH’s accession into NATO is clear, as it is linked to the NATO bombing of the Serbs, on two occasions in Republika Srpska and Serbia.

"We have a full political consensus reached by all parties in Republika Srpska that are still in force. The political parties in Republika Srpska have taken a position on military neutrality. It is the position of the National Assembly and my policy, too. There is no other policy than the policy of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska and, of course, the ruling structures in Republika Srpska," Dodik has said.

He has reiterated that as a member of the BiH Presidency from Republika Srpska and the Chairman of the BiH Presidency, he is solely obligated by the resolution of the Republika Srpska National Assembly. /end/vos