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BELGRADE, March 22 /SRNA/ - The consequences of the NATO aggression on the health of the people and the environment are long-lasting which is why Serbia should demand compensation from those who bombed it, it was said today in Belgrade at a promotion of a monograph titled “Consequences of the 1999 NATO Aggression against FRY – Two Decades On.”


The monograph on around 300 pages was published by the Eurasian Security Forum on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the NATO aggression.

Forum director Mitar Kovac said that Serbia should launch an initiative with international organizations to establish a fund for recovery and removal of consequences of the NATO aggression.

Kovac, who is a retired Major-General, says that Serbia should launch proceedings for compensation of damages before national courts of countries whose representatives took part in the NATO aggression.

Doctor Mirjana Andjelkovic Lukic said that depleted uranium ammunition used by NATO polluted the environment in the long run, to which the destruction of chemical facilities in Serbia also contributed.

Lukic said that NATO waged specific chemical warfare and that pyralin and other chemicals which ended up in the natural environment after the destruction of production facilities caused great damage to the ecosystem.

Retired Major General Spasoje Mucibabic said that it is necessary to determine exact places that were bombed with depleted uranium ammunition and other low-intensity chemical and biological ammunition. /end/sg