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BANJALUKA, March 22 /SRNA/ - Director General of the University Clinical Centre /UCC/ of Republika Srpska, Vlado Djajic, said that the management of this institution is committed to investing in staff education, which will be contributed by today's visit of nine experts from Serbia, who will, together with UCC doctors, perform complex surgical procedures and surgeries from the fields of their expertise.


Djajic emphasized the importance of eminent experts’ visit, saying it would contribute to the Srpska UCC becoming one of the best regional health centres.

"In addition to the construction of facilities and the procurement of state-of-the-art equipment, our goal is to educate our staff, therefore our doctors are being educated in Austria, Russia, Slovenia, Serbia; but there is also a two-way cooperation and eminent world’s experts come to us," Djajic told reporters in Banjaluka.

Neurocardiology specialist, Branislav Milovanovic, said that he has been working with Djajic for five years and voiced his satisfaction over the fact that they together began to educate personnel on clinical testing of the function of autonomic nervous system.

"Syncope and temporary loss of consciousness, and the chronic fatigue symptoms are major problems in the world, and I am happy that, for the first time, we have integrated a science in the institutions of the system that is both basic and clinical, because it benefits patients," said Milovanovic, who is the founder and chief of the Neurocardiological Laboratory at the Clinical Centre Bezanijska Kosa in Belgrade.

Otorhinolaryngologist Vojko Djukic said that he is mostly performing endoscopic laser surgery, and that he has operated two patients today.

"There is remarkable progress in the healthcare system here, which has better conditions for work, but also for scientific, professional and any other progress," Djukic said.

Neurosurgeon Miloje Joksimovic said that he has been coming to the Srpska UCC for six years, performing the most complex surgeries in the field of neurosurgery.

"We perform about 200 of the most complex neurosurgeries here a year. I believe that the cooperation we have is very important for both patients and doctors who learn from us and who should become better," Joksimovic said.

Children's plastic surgeon Radoje Simic voiced his satisfaction with the ongoing cooperation with the UCC, which is now expanded by introducing new techniques and further development of surgeries for children with cleft lip or palate.

"Cooperation has also been extended in other fields of surgery for children, because we want to strengthen and make this not only the centre of Republika Srpska, but also of the entire region," said Simic, who is also director of the Mother and Child Health Care Institute of Serbia "Dr Vukan Cupic" in Belgrade.

The working-educational visit to the Srpska UCC is attended by a specialist of surgery for children and urology, Vladimir Kojovic, from the Dr Vukan Cupic Institute from Belgrade, the otolaryngologist from the ORL Clinic and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Clinical Centre of Serbia, and children's surgeon Vladislav Vukomanovic, who is also acting deputy director of the Dr Vukan Cupic Institute and manager of the Pediatric Clinic, as well as the specialist of Maxillofacial Surgery, Nebojsa Jovic.

This opportunity was also used by doctors from Croatia - specialist in urology and subspecialist of urooncology, Zana Saratlija Novakovic,and specialist in urology and subspecialist of urolithiasis, Mario Duvnjak, from Split, who came to the UKC Srpska for professional training. /end/vos