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BELGRADE, March 28 /SRNA/ - More than 300 press media from all continents have published the news on discovering letters written by great Serb and world’s scientist, Nikola Tesla, in which he wrote about his fellow countryman, also world-famous scientist, Mihajlo Pupin.


The articles on Tesla's letters that have been at the possession of the Adligat Association in Belgrade since recently, were taken over by the New York Times, the Washington Post, Herald, ABC, the Daily Mail immediately after they had been published by the Associated Press, reports state broadcaster RTS.

Viktor Lazić, Head of the Association for promotion of Serbian culture, art and international cooperation "Adligat", said that he is proud to represent Serbia in the best possible way.

"Instead of wars, conflicts and hatred, we represent our culture, science, new discoveries, international cooperation and tolerance. We are proud that we have succeeded in creating an important oasis of culture that attracts people around the world," Lazić said.

The Adligat Association earlier confirmed that two letters were discovered, which Tesla had sent to the general consul of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in New York, Radoje Janković, which are believed to be lost.

Tesla wrote in his letters about Mihajlo Pupin, his illness and his desire to visit him at the hospital.

According to Lazić, these artifacts are of great importance for Serbian culture, they are written in a clear Cyrillic script, which indicate a very close and caring relation between Tesla and Pupin.

"Letters in many ways change the well-known relationship between these two scientists and confirm their closeness, while completely denying the story of reconciliation on Pupin's deathbed, since it is obvious that at the time the letter was written, three months before Pupin's death, the conflict between the two giants of science did not exist, but only the desire to meet each other as soon as possible," Lazić said.

The German and Austrian media were extensively reporting about the Adligat Association for the takeover of Peter Urban's legacy - the most important German translator of Slavic languages and one of the world’s best collections of books about Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, which was transferred to Serbia with his legacy from Germany.

The media around the world were earlier reporting about this association, especially in the UK, Russia, Indonesia, Algeria and Iran. /end/vos