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BANJALUKA, April 12 /SRNA/ - A US author and publisher Jared Israel stated during an international scientific conference "Srebrenica, Reality and Manipulation" Friday in Banjaluka the Vatican steered accusations against Serbs for genocide against Croats and Muslims and was a sponsor of the neo-Ustasha Croatia.


He said implementation of the plan had begun with conflicts in Croatia in 1991 and that the Jasenovac genocide against Serbs during WWII, which had been committed by Ustashas and the Independent State of Croatia, was forgotten.

Israel asserted that a major role in labelling Serbs as genocidal had been played by the Catholic Church, which focused on countering Orthodoxy in the Balkans.

“A close friend of Pope Wojtyla’s and a special envoy of the UN Secretary General Tadeusz Mazowiecki played a decisive role in the propaganda of genocide and bombing of Republika Srpska as part of direct accusations after the events in Srebrenica,” Israel stated at the international scientific conference "Srebrenica, Reality and Manipulation,” which is taking place in Banjaluka and its goal is to establish the truth about what happened in and around Srebrenica between 1992 and 1995.

Draga Mastilović of the Faculty of Philosophy of East Sarajevo spoke about killings of Serbs in Srebrenica and in WWII, saying that Ustashas and the Muslim militia had been brutal especially against Serbs, the infirm and elderly in the area.

"In the period 1941-1945, Ustashas killed 1,076 adults, 546 women, 210 old people and 430 children, a total of 2,262 victims, for the most part Serbs. In a village, they cut women’s ears to remove their jewellery more easily,” said Mastilović and added that the data about the killings of Serbs in the 20th century should be systemically classified to make it available to the future generations.

Stanko Nišić of the Institute of Geopolitical Studies from Belgrade said that as time goes by, there are more and more arguments that challenge the number of victims of crimes and the manner in which many Muslim soldiers were killed in the battle for Srebrenica.

"According to the Sarajevo Research and Documentation Centre, the list of killed Srebrenica Bosniaks has 500 people who have been found to be alive,” noted Nišić.

An author from Saint Petersburg Viktor Bezruchenko said the Muslim forces of the Army of BiH 28th Division were numerous and a legitimate target in the RS Army /VRS/ operation Krivaja 95.

The military formation carried out numerous attacks on the VRS and Serb villages from a demilitarised zone under the UN “auspices,” he said.
"To stop that, the VRS carried out operation Krivaja on Muslim troops in Srebrenica," said Bezruchenko and added that breaking the division was a military duty.

Hannes Hofbauer, a historian and publisher from Austria, spoke about judiciary as a form of warfare, saying that the West was using Srebrenica to turn abstract crimes into legislation.

He said there were plans to legally ban the negation and denial of genocide in Srebrenica.

"An array of NGOs funded by the US, British or German governmental bodies, as well as the speculator Soros, are working round the clock to promote the stories of genocide, of what happened in Srebrenica, which gives legal legitimacy to the NATO interventions in Yugoslavia,” said Hofbauer.

A Belgrade lawyer Toma Fila has also warned that one part of BiH and Kosovo are preparing a law to ban the denial of crimes in Srebrenica and in Račak.

"But, please don’t let them ban our thoughts,” said Fila.

The conference is taking place on the premises of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republika Srpska and is organised by the Association of VRS Officers, Independent University Banjaluka and Institute for Research on Suffering of the Serbs in XX century. /end/ds