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LAKTAŠI, JUNE, 15 /SRNA/ - The Ambassador of Russia to BiH Petr Ivancov wished today the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats /SNSD/ success in protecting the rights of the citizens of Republika Srpska in accordance with the Dayton Peace Agreement.


Ivancov has estimated that the SNSD is the leading political power in Republika Srpska that enjoys the confidence of the people.

"The activities of the SNSD is an integral part of our bilateral relations, because this party is a partner of the United Russia, the leading party in my country", Ivancov said in his address at the SNSD Council in Laktaši.

He has read a letter from the leadership of the United Russia, which was sent on the occasion of holding the Council of SNSD.

The letter mentioned that the establishment of relations between the two political parties is important because it strengthens mutual cooperation.

Ivancov has said that the leadership of the United Russia wished success in the implementation of all the plans which SNSD has. /end/bo