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SARAJEVO, June 20 /SRNA/ - Minister of Human Rights and Refugees in the Council of Ministers in caretaking capacity Semiha Borovac stated Thursday that there are currently 96,440 persons or about 32,000 families in BiH holding the status of internally displaced persons from period 1992-1995.


On the occasion of marking June 20 – the World Refugee Day, Borovec stated in a press conference in Sarajevo that 60,000 out of 96,440 internally displaced persons are currently in Republika Srpska and about 34,000 are in the Federation of BiH.

According to her, BiH, i.e. the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, annually earmarks approximately BAM 140,000 for refugees.

"Currently, 17,600 BiH citizens holds refugee status across the globe, mainly in Serbia - about 9,000, France 4,000, Switzerland 2,000 and Germany 1,400," Borovac said.

She pointed out that out of a total of 2.2 million BiH citizens who left their homes in the 1990s, about 1.2 million of them came left BiH, while about 450,000 returned to BiH, which indicates that around 750,000 BiH citizens live in about 100 countries across the world.

Borovac recalled that the Regional Housing Project for the return of BiH citizens from Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro to BiH is currently ongoing.

"We are helping the return of internally displaced persons via regional housing project, which is of a donor character. This project envisaged about BAM 200 million for BiH, BAM 146 million of which has been withdrawn so far," Borovac said.

She pointed out that the issue of some 3,200 internally displaced and refugee families will be solved and as many housing units will be built up with funds so far withdrawn.

Borovac said that a large number of migrants are present in BiH, but none of them has yet gained refugee status.

Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation to BiH Richard Masa said the EU would continue to support BiH, not only through housing programmes, but also through education support, social services and returnee employment programmes.

UNHCR Regional Representative for Southeast Europe Anne-Christine Eriksson said that housing programme was not just an ordinary programme that provided returnees with a roof over their heads, but offered them the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

On the occasion of June 20 - the World Refugee Day, the EU Delegation organised socializing with beneficiaries of the Regional Housing Programme on Thursday, where the concrete results achieved within it were promoted.

The total value of the Regional Housing Programme is approximately BAM 1.2 billion, 200 million out of which refers to projects in BiH.

The EU is the biggest donor to this programme with approximately BAM 450 million and was supported by other donors such as - the USA, Germany, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Turkey, while strong support is provided by the UNHCR, the OSCE and the Council of Europe Development Bank. /end/vos