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JAHORINA, July 15 / SRNA / - Jahorina Olympic Centre Manager Dejan Ljevnaić told SRNA Monday that by organising the Summit of the South-East European Cooperation Process /SEECP/, Jahorina once again demonstrated its ability to respond to the requirements of all guests, including the most demanding ones.


"We are truly proud of the Summit taking place on Mount Jahorina and given opportunity to host the Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić, as well as the presidents of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Albania Ilir Meta, North Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski and Montenegro Milo Đukanović, as well as the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov," Ljevnaić told SRNA.

The organisation of meetings such as the last-week’s summit, he stresses, contributes to the international affirmation of Jahorina, including all benefits with a special emphasis on tourism and promotional activities.

According to him, this is especially important if all investment projects that are currently being implemented on Jahorina / whose value exceed BAM 30 million/ are taken into consideration, so the presence of the state top officials of the above mentioned countries is more than useful.

"Mount Jahorina is an Olympic mountain and we are doing everything to preserve this reputation; we are particularly pleased for it finally receiving the attention it deserves and we are grateful to BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik, who has been supporting us from the very beginning. We know it was not easy to bring the Summit to Mount Jahorina and that Dodik personally engaged, what we are extremely grateful for and we will repay it with our work," says Ljevnaić. /end/vos