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SRNA News Roundup /I/ - July 16, 2019




BANJALUKA, July 16 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska National Assembly will begin a special session on Tuesday to review, according to the proposed agenda, the proposed decisions on accepting Srpska’s debt towards the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development /EBRD/ for financing the Corridor Vc project - Doboj bypass and the amount of guarantees Srpska is able to issue this year.

BANJALUKA, July 16 /SRNA/- Four people, arrested in a police operation carried out in the Banjaluka area, which resulted in discovering two laboratories for producing skunk weed, will be handed over on Tuesday to the District Public Prosecutor's Office Banjaluka, said Head of the Public Relations Department of the Republika Srpska Interior Ministry /MoI/, Mirna Miljanović.

BANJALUKA, July 16 /SRNA/- The Republic Phytosanitary Inspectorate has banned the import of a shipment of 20.16 tonnes of walnuts from Romania due to the confirmed increased presence of aflatoxin B1.

EAST SARAJEVO, July 16 /SRNA/ - The Republic Civil Protection Administration successfully completed the task of mechanical demining at the site of Filomena in the municipality of Modriča.

ČAJNIČE, July 16 /SRNA/ - Čajniče Mayor Goran Karadžić told SRNA that approximately a million BAM was allocated for the reconstruction of local roads within three years, and that he hopes that the hotel, which the municipality bought, will soon be reconstructed in whose reconstruction BAM 400,000 was invested.

LOPARE, July 16 /SRNA/ - The Lopare Health Centre has been operating positively for more than 10 years and is one of the most successful health institutions in Srpska, Health Centre Director Želimir Nešković told SRNA.

SOKOLAC, July 16 /SRNA/ - The team of reapers from Mount Romanija won the third place at the international event "Shearing on Rajac" near Ljig, Serbia, where eight teams were competing in cutting grass with scythe, the Tourist Organisation of the Municipality of Sokolac told SRNA.


SARAJEVO, July 16 /SRNA/ - BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik will receive Tuesday the credentials of the newly appointed Ambassador of Oman to BiH Ahmed bin Salim bin Mohammed Baomar.

BRATUNAC, July 16 /SRNA/ - Secretary of the Association of Prison Camp Detainees of Birač Region Vinko Lale told SRNA that the prison camp detainees expect the omissions made in the first instance trial of those accused for committing crimes against Serb and Croat civilians in the Hadžići area to be corrected and the Appellate Panel of the Court of BiH to adequately punish the perpetrators of the crime.

DRVAR, July 16 /SRNA/ - Municipalities of East Drvar and Drvar will organise a small football tournament at the beginning of August, for which the Council of Europe provided BAM 12,000.


SARAJEVO, July 16 /SRNA/ - An extraordinary session of the House of Representatives of the Federation of BiH to appoint new House leadership will be held in Sarajevo on Tuesday.

SARAJEVO, July 16 /SRNA/- According to data of the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute, an earthquake measuring 3.3 points of Richter magnitude scale was registered in the Stolac area early Tuesday morning.


BELGRADE, July 16 /SRNA/ - French President Emmanuel Macron visited the Kalemegdan Terrace on the second day of his visit to Serbia, where he and President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met with representatives of the students of the Regional Office for Youth Cooperation. Macron said in his address in the Serbian language to the citizens gathered Monday evening in Belgrade that France woul never forget what it owed Serbia from the Great War.

BELGRADE, July 16 /SRNA/ - Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić praised Tuesday the position of French President Emmanuel Macron on reaching a compromise between Belgrade and Priština, pointing it as a major change in France's policy.


BELGRADE, July 16 /SRNA/ - According to a study carried out by the Berlin daily "Die Tageszeitung”, the Croatian Catholic community in Germany is participating in the relativization of the Ustasha crimes in Jasenovac, while the German dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church do little to prevent it.


STRASBOURG, July 16 /SRNA-Reuters/ - European Parliament deputies will vote Tuesday about the candidacy of Ursula von der Leyen from Germany for the position of European Commission president after she gave a series of promises to gain support from Socialists and Liberals. /end/vos