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SARAJEVO, August 20 /SRNA/ - Sredoje Nović, a Serb delegate in the Bosnia and Herzegovina House of Peoples, is surprised that anyone should now talk about the Annual National Programme /ANP/ when it was absolutely clear during the meeting of political leaders when the Agreement on the Principles for the Formation of Authorities was signed that the ANP would not be submitted.


According to him, on the occasion SNSD leader Milorad Dodik stated that clearly, whereas SDA leader Bakir Izetbegović and HDZ leader Dragan Čović accepted the Agreement and signed it.

"Everyone could have said they did not want to sign it,” Nović told TV N1.

He gave credit to the Head of the EU Delegation to BiH/Special Representative, Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark for his honourable and principled mediation during the signing of the Agreement on the Principles for the Formation of Authorities.

"There is no dilemma that Wigemark did not ask that his own stance be incorporated in any point and that the three political leaders reached absolute unity,” said Nović, who was present when the agreement was signed.

Nović asserted that after the Presidency decided to cancel the Tuesday sessions where it was supposed to vote on the ANP and a candidate for the Council of Ministers chair, Bosnia and Herzegovina was one step closer to a dead-end street.

"Today’s turn of events is no surprise given the period of not only the rhetoric but also the behaviour after the agreement signing,” said Nović.

According to him, BiH citizens desired to see a step forward in the formation of BiH level authorities after the agreement, but no such thing has occurred.

"I am less and less optimistic that BiH level authorities will be formed,” stated Nović.

He believes it is not the ANP that is problematic here, but the desire of certain individuals not to have the SNSD in the authorities.

"When authorities were formed in 2014, /BiH Presidency Chairman Željko/ Komšić stated a hundred times that his greatest success was toppling Milorad Dodik from power,” said Nović, making a conclusion that now things were not any different either.

Nović said one should wait and see what happens until September 5, the deadline for the implementation of the agreement on the formation of authorities.

"I personally believe there is not a single reason the SNSD should keep insisting that authorities be formed. The SNSD can calmly join the opposition at the BiH level, if someone can form authorities without the SNSD,” said Nović, adding that such a thing would have been done a long time ago had it been possible. /end/dš