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BANJALUKA, September 11 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Office of Attorney General is going to lodge an appeal against BiH Court’s decision deferring the forced collection of a debt of about BAM 30 million for the fourth time, which the BiH Indirect Taxation Authority is supposed to pay to Republika Srpska.


The Republika Srpska Office of Attorney General received BiH Court’s decision of September 9 deferring enforcement for the fourth time, no later than March 11, 2020.

"In the enforcement proceedings of the decision creditor - Republika Srpska, the Government of Srpska, the Ministry of Finance, against BiH – the Indirect Taxation Authority /ITA/ for enforced collection of BAM 15,004,650 with statutory default interest, the total claim is close to BAM 30 million", the Srpska Office of Attorney General said.

The statement reads that, as in previous decisions, such decision-making by the Court of BiH is prohibited and unlawful.

"The Court gives itself the right to cite in the decision that the negotiations are ongoing, which is not true, as the other party does not want negotiations, so it simply obstructs the procedure and collection of claims," the statement reads.

The Office of Attorney General of Srpska notes that the enforcement proceedings have been finalized, the ITA's appeal has been rejected, and there are no longer any regular or extraordinary remedies against the decision ordering payment of aforementioned amounts to Srpska.

"By doing so, the BiH Court only increases the amount of the statutory default interest and Republika Srpska will continue to enforce collection," the Srpska Attorney General's Office emphasized.

The statement emphasizes that the Republika Srpska Office of Attorney General, due to the judge's unlawful conduct, has lodged an appeal to the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH. /end/vos