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BANJALUKA, September 16 /SRNA/ - Professor Radomir Lukić of the Faculty of Law in East Sarajevo says a blockade of joint institutions might be Republika Srpska’s logical response if it continues to be blackmailed about the formation of authorities at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Lukić adds that under such circumstances, moves by the authorities in Banjaluka that would resemble a dissolution would be completely justified and points out that the former Yugoslav republics too had made decisions against the former state.

"More or less, the situation is the same. Representatives of secessionist Yugoslav republics were breaking the central bodies apart. The foreigners who governed the situation back then, from the Badinter Committee onwards, declared such moves absolutely legitimate and constitutional. They had said that if there was no desire for co-existence, the state might break up. Why could it not be like that now? The winning forces in Srpska want to form the central authorities while the other side does not,” Lukić stated for Glas Srpske.

He does not believe this to be a wise or optimal solution at this point - it would just be a forced move that Srpska authorities might make should this political farce continue, he said.

Commenting on statements by the Serbian Democratic Party /SDS/ and Party of Democratic Progress /PDP/ that they will not withdraw and that they are not in favour of such blockade, Lukić pointed out it was their moral, human, and political shame being Serbs.

He said he was very disappointed with the behaviour of the SDS, whose member he once was, and that he was very surprised by the people working against Republika Srpska’s interest in favour of their own personal interests.

It is his opinion that Bosniaks insist on joining NATO so strongly because the Party of Democratic Action /SDA/ is trying to draw into the new authorities the political parties from Republika Srpska that would cooperate with them without any objections and agree to revise the Dayton Peace Agreement and create a unitary and completely centralised BiH. /end/dš