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BELGRADE, SEPTEMBER, 21 /SRNA/ - The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has said at the meeting in Belgrade on Saturday that it was requested to make clear that any attack on any Serb community, especially the Republika Srpska is attack on Serbia.


Dodik has said that, at today's meeting, they briefed Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and Prime Minister Ana Brnabić trying to secure consensus on the issue of possible support of Serbia in the defense of the Republika Srpska.

"We have asked, I have asked the President before, to send a clear message that any attack on any Serb community, especially the Republika Srpska is an attack on Serbia", Dodik said at a press conference in Belgrade after meeting with Vučić and representatives of parliamentary parties from Republika Srpska.

He has noted that the international factor had ensured that in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina remains six factories of weapons and ammunition, and none in Republika Srpska, that to try in different ways to organize a certain military structure, and warriors from Syria who fought at to the Islamic State return to Bosnia, and that all this, together with the message of the declaration, threatens a sense of stability.

"We have asked Serbia to help us, in a situation where it is needed, from the point of view of training our security units, because it does not need to be naive", Dodik said.

He has said that Republika Srpska is a priority and the only one possible in that area, and that political representatives from Srpska reject the declaration as anti-Serb, anti-Dayton and anti-constitutional because it overthrows the existing political system in BiH.

Dodik has repeated that the declaration, which was adopted by the SDA Congress last weekend, is a document of all Bosniak political parties.

"Their final goal is to have neither Serbs nor Republika Srpska. They want BiH for themselves, in which there is no Serbian language, in which they will take revenge on the Serbs, not only here but in Serbia", Dodik said.

He has added that the declaration did not foresee the existence of Republika Srpska or to have the potential to preserve Serbian national identity, because they want to promote Bosnian national identity and language, which should destroy any kind of Serb existence in the area.

"We have understood that and we try to build a political consensus in Republika Srpska in order to give a clear answer. That response must be clear and unique in regard to any possibility that this commitment of attempt to realize", Dodik said, adding that these commitments have been known before, and they have the support of foreigners.

He has emphasized that representatives of political parties from Serbia are unique in that the declaration is condemned, and that the National Assembly is the place to create positions.

"We will discuss in the National Assembly, make a decision and propose a decision that any attempt to implement these documents requires the activation of our rights to self-determination until secession. I think that this is something what we need to do", Dodik said.

He has stressed that today's clear message is the willingness to defend Republika Srpska and immediately return to dialogue, the Dayton Peace Agreement, preserving stability and peace.

That, Dodik says, would imply that the SDA, as the most important political party among Bosniaks, would have to withdraw all these documents, and that, if that were not the case, Srpska has no right to be careless and naive.

"Whenever we were naive and did not count on our states, we were always suffered and killed and we should not allow this at this time", Dodik said.

He has thanked Vučić and Brnabić for all the support they give to Republika Srpska, which amounts to more than 35 million euros, but that it is far more if we add the returnee municipalities with the majority Serb population in the Federation of BiH. /end/bo



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