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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - November 12, 2019




BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER 12 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović will receive tomorrow a visit from the newly-appointed Ambassador of Sweden to BiH Johanna Strömquist and will have talks with Hungarian Ambassador to BiH Krisztian Pos.

BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER 12 /SRNA/ - Prime Minister of Republika Srpska Radovan Višković stated in a meeting with Swedish Ambassador to BiH Johanna Stromquist that the failure to form the Council of Ministers and Government of the Federation of BiH has a negative impact on the continuation of all reform processes and implementation of infrastructure projects.

ZVORNIK, NOVEMBER 12 /SRNA/ - A competition of students’ films in categories short film, movie, and documentary film is being held as part of the 13th International Film Festival “First Frame,” and children film program “Kids Fest” has also started, Festival’s artistic director Aleksandra Mitrić Štifanić said.

LJUBINJE, NOVEMBER 12 /SRNA/ - Police today in Ljubinje discovered four migrants who illegally entered BiH, the Trebinje Police Administration told SRNA.


SARAJEVO, NOVEMBER 12 /SRNA/ - The Council of Ministers in a caretaking capacity has adopted a proposed agreement on financing a project titled “Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings” between the German Development Bank Frankfurt am Main and the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and Federal Ministries of Finance and Spatial Planning, amounting to 9,500,000 Euros.


DRVAR, NOVEMBER 12 /SRNA/ - Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said today during a visit to the family of Novka Bajić in the village of Mokronoge near Drvar, who will get a job in the new Yumko production facility, that this is an example of how Serbia takes care of Serbs wherever they live.

DRVAR, NOVEMBER 12 /SRNA/ - Drvar Mayor Dušica Runić said today that the opening of a new Yumko production facility in this municipality is hope for the survival of Drvar residents and a reason for them to stay in this town.


BELGRADE, NOVEMBER 12 /SRNA/ - Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić said that the deaths of Serbian Ambassador to Libya Oliver Potežica and two Embassy’s employees Slađana Stanković and Jovica Stepić had nothing to do with trade in arms.


MEXICO CITY, NOVEMBER 12 /SRNA-Reuters/ - Former Bolivian President Evo Morales has arrived in Mexico where he was granted asylum. Morales thanked the Mexican authorities for granting him political asylum, thus saving his life. /end/sg