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SARAJEVO, NOVEMBER 18 /SRNA/ - Head of the SNSD Caucus in the BiH House of Representatives Staša Košarac stated that a Monday request by a group of representatives, including the ones from the SDS and PDP, for an urgent session of the House to discuss amendments to the House Rules of Procedure as a matter of urgency is a continued ignoring of decisions and conclusions made by Republika Srpska institutions.


"It is a continuation of a harmful and dangerous policy which SDS and PDP representatives in Sarajevo have been pursuing against Republika Srpska and its institutions for the whole five years. The Conclusions of the Republika Srpska National Assembly clearly call on the two parties to stop the process of proposing and adopting amendments to the Rules of the Procedure of the House of Representatives which are extremely harmful for the constitutional position of Republika Srpska representatives in the joint institutions and for the interests of Serbs,” Košarac said in a statement for Srna.

He reiterated that, according to amendments to the House Rules of Procedure, which were proposed by the SDS and PDP, it would hypothetically be possible for an SDA representative from Republika Srpska, who has only one position in the permanent committees of the House of Representatives under the valid Rules of Procedure, to be elected in all six permanent committees of the House.

"That is disastrous for the interests of Republika Srpska, and that is why I once again call on the SDS and PDP to withdraw the dangerous and harmful proposal for amendments to the House of Representatives’ Rules of Procedure,” Košarac said.

According to him, after all parties had submitted their proposals for members of the House of Representatives permanent committees, there were no reasons to call an urgent session of the House, nor any reasons for amending the Rules of Procedure as a matter of urgency.

"The chairman of the House of Representatives should schedule a regular session of the House to elect members of the permanent committees, in line with the valid Rules of Procedure,” Košarac underlined.

He warned that "the moves by SDS and PDP representatives reveal mean political intentions to fulfil Bosniak needs of ignoring the views of Srpska institutions and election will of Serbs in Republika Srpska.”

"The SDS and PDP carry out what Sarajevo politicians plan and they do it out of their pathological need to remain in power in the joint institutions, even though they do not have the support from the citizens of Republika Srpska," Košarac concluded. /end/dš