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SARAJEVO, DECEMBER, 14 /SRNA/ - The current vice-president of the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ Milan Dunović cannot be re-elected to that position, as envisioned by the SDA, SBB and DF, because he needs six votes from the Serb People Caucus in the House of Peoples of the FBiH parliament, and he has only two Serb’s votes, said in the Committee for the Protection of Rights of Serbs in the FBiH.


The head of the Committee Đorđe Radanović told Srna that it would be difficult to implement the agreement signed on Friday by the three parties in the FBiH and predicted that DF, of which Dunovic is a member, will get the vice-presidential seat.

"We do not see a way for him to be elected. They can only do so under the condition if the Serb List or the SDP give six Serbian signatures for Dunović 's election. We believe that the SDP will not repeat the mistake from 2015 and support Dunović, considering that DF wants in Sarajevo Canton dismiss the SDP’s Government", Radanović said.

He has added that, as far as the Committee is aware, they did not turn to the Serb List for support, so it is unclear how they intend to do so.

"There is no constitutional possibility, absolutely, that the Vice-President of the FBiH to be elected from the rank of the Serb people. The FBiH Constitution provides that the President and Vice-Presidents are elected by one voting and it is clear that this idea cannot pass", Radanović claims.

The FBiH Committee for the Protection of Serb Rights stated that the Sarajevo Canton Government is also unconstitutional and that they have announced an appeal to the FBiH Constitutional Court to declare it so, since there is no proportionate number of ministers from the Serb people.

Radanović explained that this could not be implemented because the Board did not have an authorized appellant, and the current Prime Minister Fadil Novalić did not want to sign an appeal.

According to the FBiH Constitution, the filling of ministerial positions in the cantonal governments is based on the 1991 census, and there should be at least three Serbs in the Sarajevo Canton Government, given that there are 12 ministerial posts and prime ministers.

He has noted that in the ten cantonal governments in the FBiH, they do not respect the constitutional principles of filling ministerial positions according to the 1991 national structure and that no one does not respond.

Radanović has asked what would happen if Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković proposed a government with only one Bosniak instead of five as provided by the Republika's Constitution.

"The international community, all the embassies in Sarajevo would certainly respond as well, and the Peace Implementation Council /PIK/ would also meet on that occasion", Radanović said, adding that no foreign embassies has not announced why only one member of the Serb people sit in the Sarajevo Canton Government, and there should be at least three of them.

He has recalled that the agreement that was signed yesterday by the three parties in the FBiH envisages the dismissal of the Sarajevo Canton Government, made by the SDP and its coalition partners, and stressed that, whether the government dismissed or not, the constitutional principle of proportional representations of Serbs must be respected.

"If the agreement of the three parties is implemented, we demand that the cantonal government be filled according to the constitutional principles of the representation of the people in the FBiH in 1991. If the Republika Srpska can abide by the constitutional principles, then we want that it be so in the FBiH, both at the cantonal and federal levels" , pointed out Radanović.

He has noted that when it comes to national representation, the FBiH Constitution is not respected in the Una-Sana Canton, whose government has 11 members but not a single Serb.

When it comes the filling of ministerial and other positions, regarding the national structure, the Committee also proposes to use the 2013 census data. "If someone declared himself as Bosniak in 2013, he cannot declare himself as Serb in 2018," Radanović explained. /end/bo