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BANJALUKA, JANUARY, 26 /SRNA/ - The deputies of Socialist Party /SP/ in the National Assembly Risto Marić and Andrea Dorić have said that the members of the SP Caucus are united in demanding that party leader Petar DJokić be replaced as the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining.


"Behind the demands for the dismissal of Minister DJokić, the SP MPs are united. We expect the next steps from Prime Minister Radovan Višković and we are convinced that the Republika Srpska`s Government will make the best efforts to protect the interests of the Republika Srpska, but also to determine the minister's responsibility" said Marić.

Marić and Dorić have pointed out in the statement that "there are more than enough reasons and arguments for DJokić’s dismissal".

Dorić has stated that the decision to seek DJokić’s dismissal was not made without reason. "Of course we remain unique", Dorić said.

The Main Board of the Socialist Party confirmed today the decision on the exclusion Maksim Skoko, Goran Selak and Milenko Savanović from the party.

Skoko has said that he will continue to act as Chairman of the Caucus of SP in the Republika Srpska National Assembly until the statutory commission's final decision on exclusion.

The President of Socialist Party Petar DJokić has said that most members of the Main Board supported the expulsion from the party of Maksim Skoko, Goran Selak and Milenko Savanović for gross violation of programs and statutes, and acting outside party organs. /end/bo