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SARAJEVO, FEBRUARY 18 /SRNA/ - Eight years ago, EUFOR and NATO HQ in Sarajevo indicated that Republika Srpska, FBiH and BiH should fulfill their legal obligations in accordance with Annex Two of the Dayton Peace Agreement regarding the inter-entity boundary line.


FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić stated today that this entity “will never participate in any inter-entity boundary line-related discussions”, making it clear that he has already violated the Dayton Peace Agreement with his statements.

On February 20, 2012, Spokeswoman for NATO HQ Sarajevo Ines Kuburović told SRNA that Annex Two of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in BiH requires that the parties, namely BiH, FBiH, and Republika Srpska, form a joint commission to prepare a technical document with a precise description of inter-entity demarcation lines to be later forwarded to EUFOR and NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo.

Even then, EUFOR and NATO Headquarters Sarajevo called on BiH, FiH and Republika Srpska representatives to communicate directly on the issue and to exchange relevant information that would assist future discussions.

The Republika Srpska fulfilled its obligation and forwarded documentation describing the inter-entity boundary lines to the EUFOR Command and NATO HQ in early 2011, and provided the Ministry of Civil Affairs at the Council of Ministers with the names of people who should be on the commission for defining the inter-entity lines.

At the time, NATO and EUFOR commanders confirmed to SRNA that documentation on inter-entity boundary lines forwarded by Republika Srpska was well and comprehensively done.

The Republika Srpska National Assembly tasked the Republika Srpska Government at yesterday’s special session to continue the earlier initiated negotiations with the FBiH Government with the aim of defining the border line between Srpska and FBiH, in accordance with Annex Two of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in BiH, however, Novalić immediate rejected that possibility. /end/vos