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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - May 28, 2020




MOSCOW, MAY 28 /SRNA/ - The leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, headed by Minister Sergey Lavrov, thanked the Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik and the authorities in Republika Srpska for their help in returning 76 Russian citizens to Moscow who remained in BiH and Serbia due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

EAST SARAJEVO, MAY 28 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Secretariat for Refugees and Migrations in the Sarajevo-Romanija region is entering in the investment cycle of building more than 130 housing units, a significant number of which will be in East New Sarajevo, said today the director of this Secretariat Marko Aćić.

VUKOSAVLJE, MAY 28 /SRNA/ - The budget of Vukosavlje is in the minus of BAM 120,000, which is why difficult financing of budget users and projects planned for this year is expected, it was concluded at the session of the Municipal Assembly, held today for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic.

DERVENTA, MAY 28 /SRNA/ - In the Derventa settlement Srpska Varoš, an evening prayer was held in the renovated Old Church, which was mined in the last war, on Ascension of our Lord 1992, when Derventa was under the occupation of the Croatian Defense Council and the so-called Army of BiH.

BANJA LUKA, MAY 28 /SRNA/ - The organizers of the four largest festivals in the Republika Srpska - "Nektar OK Fest", "Moto Fest Banja Luka 2020", "Vivia Run and More Weekend" festival and "Fresh Wave" are determined to continue the organizational and technical preparations in order to realize the announced events this summer, it was said at the press conference.


SARAJEVO, MAY 28 /SRNA/ - The Chairman of the Council of Ministers Zoran Tegeltija has said that the funds for the elections will be planned in the budget for 2020, which drafting is in the final phase, and it will be on the agenda of the session next week.

SARAJEVO, MAY 28 /SRNA/ - The Council of Ministers adopted today the Report on the activities on realization of the Agreement on the construction of the interstate bridge over the Sava River near Svilaja and access border sections on the highway on corridor "V-C" for 2019 with Croatia.

SARAJEVO, MAY 28 /SRNA/ - The Council of Ministers adopted today the information of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury on the state of public indebtedness of BiH on December 31, 2019, according to which the public debt amounted to BAM 11,200,330,000, of which the external debt is BAM 8,038. 870,000 or 72.67 percent, and domestic debt BAM 3,061,460,000 or 27.33 percent.

SARAJEVO, MAY 28 /SRNA/ - No agreement was reached on the distribution of funds of the International Monetary Fund to the entities at the session of the Management Board of the Central Bank of BiH.


SARAJEVO, MAY 28 /SRNA/ - BiH State Investigation and Protection Agency /SIPA/ is investigating the suspects in the "Respirators" affair of the suspended director of the FBiH Civil Protection Authority Fahrudin Solak, the owner of the company "Srebrna malina" Fikret Hodžić and FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić, "Avaz" finds out.


BELGRADE, MAY 28 /SRNA/ - The Government of Serbia has decided to declare 2020 the year of solidarity and cooperation, considering that organized solidarity and cooperation at all levels in society have proven to be a necessary factor in preserving the life and health of the population during the coronavirus epidemic.


THE HAGUE, MAY 28 /SRNA-Reuters/ - The International Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals postponed until further notice the appeal hearing in the case against General Ratko Mladić due to concerns about his health condition and travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. /end/bo