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TRNOVO, MAY 31 /SRNA/ - The village of Ledići, the federal municipality of Trnovo, will mark 28 years since the brutal crime committed by members of the so-called Army of BiH against 24 Serb civilians, on Wednesday, June 3.


Head of the Organisation of Families of Killed and Captured Soldiers and Missing Civilians Trnovo, Goran Timotija, told SRNA earlier that Ledići was a symbol of the suffering of Serbs in the Trnovo region and that such a crime in this area was not remembered in World War II.

"Civilians were killed in this place only because they were of other religion and different ethnic background. The youngest victim was Milun Tešanović, who was only 18 months old at the time. He died together with his mother in her arms, trying to flee from executioners headed by Edhem Godinjak," stressed Timotija.

He added that the trial against Godinjak for the crime in Ledići is ongoing before the Court of BiH, but regardless, he was becoming more and more indignant every day, knowing the work of the BiH Court so far.

A memorial service for the killed civilians will be held at 12:00hrs, after which the delegations of victims’ families and local authorities’ representatives will lay wreaths at the memorial.

"According to the recommendation by the Trnovo Emergency Situations Staff, the event will be marked with a limited number of visitors, less than 50," said Timotije.

The crime against Serb civilians in the village of Ledići was committed in the evening hours of June 3, 1992, by members of the so-called Army of BiH, recruited from the Sarajevo area, and Muslim neighbors from the neighboring village of Dejčići.

In the crime spree by members of the so-called Army of BiH, 10 members of the Vasić family were killed, the entire Tešanović family, which had nine members, three members of the Miovčić family, and Savo Kenjić and Sladjana Sekulić.

The oldest victim was Ikonija Vasić, who was 92 years old, while the youngest, Milun Tešanović, was only 18 months old. According to the post mortem report, the criminals broke his weak arms and legs.

The village was looted, burned and destroyed, so nearly any trace of the Serbs’ presence in that area was lost.

The occupation of the village, which in the meantime had been turned into a kind of Muslim camp for Serbs, lasted until June 10.

By 2001, the remains of 24 victims were exhumed. The skeletons were mostly incomplete, and some skulls were found separated from the body. According to the report of the Republika Srpska Interior Ministry, Ledići residents were killed in the most brutal way - by slitting their throats, hanging or suffocation.

Head of the Civic Association "Moje ognjište" from Trnovo, Slavko Vasić, told SRNA earlier that the first victims of that crime were his parents, who were killed in a fraudulent and insidious manner on June 2, 1992 in Dejčići.

"I don't know who did it, nor what army was present there, but I claim that the most responsible was Edhem Godinjak, who was the commander of the Police Station at the time. I am of the opinion that he had to be responsible for the civilian population in the area," said Vasić.

Vasić reminded that the residents of Ledići, who were heading towards Mount Treskavica, were killed at the Poljice site, where they were intercepted by Muslim forces.

Only twelve-year-old Dragan Vasić survived, who was wounded and lying among the killed and thus managed to avoid certain death. /end/vos