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SRNA News Roundup /I/ - July 7, 2020




BELGRADE, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - Renowned Serb historian and researcher Milivoje Ivanišević told Srna that he was among the first civilians who on Saint Peter’s Day, July 12, 1995, entered the liberated Srebrenica where he found no living Serb, either a civilian or a prisoner of war, and that to general astonishment, UN representatives rejected general Ratko Mladić’s request for the UN to assume the care of abandoned Muslim civilians. By Vesna Šurbat

SREBRENICA, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - A traditional memorial and cultural-sports event, Petrovdan’s Days 2020, which is held annually in memory of 69 killed, and 22 missing and captured, and later killed, Serb soldiers on Saint Peter’s Day in 1992 in villages around Srebrenica and Bratunac, will open this evening in the Srebrenica Cultural Center.

BANJALUKA, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković has told Srna that based on the Decision on a Guarantee Program intended to support micro, small and medium-sized companies and cushion the blow of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy, a public call will be made today to commercial banks and microcredit organizations to define their credit terms.

EAST SARAJEVO, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - Director of the Employment Bureau Miroslav Vujičić has told Srna that the Republika Srpska Government will enable best students from two public universities in Srpska to do internships and will demand from all public institutions to take one or two students with best grades.


SARAJEVO, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - Head of the SNSD Caucus in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly Snježana Novaković Bursać has said that SNSD members of the House will support the Budget as proposed by the BiH Presidency and that they will commit to having the Budget reviewed in an urgent procedure, as asked for by the Presidency, except in case they are presented with some arguments which would change their position on the issue.

BANJALUKA, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - Minister of Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology of Republika Srpska Srebrenka Golić called on the BiH Council of Ministers and Presidency to annul all moves made by Foreign Minister at the Council of Ministers Bisera Turković in connection with the construction of a nuclear waste repository on Trgovska Gora and to appoint a team of experts, the formation of which Turković did not support.

SARAJEVO, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - On May 31, there were 421,474 unemployed persons registered with the Employment Bureau and employment services in BiH, which is by 1,892 /0.45 percent/ more than in the previous month, reports the BiH Employment and Labor Agency.

SARAJEVO, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - Members of the BiH State Investigation and Protection Agency /SIPA/ are searching housing and business premises in a total of 29 locations in BiH as part of a police operation dubbed Delta directed at suppressing the illegal trade in excise goods and money laundering.


EAST SARAJEVO, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of the East Sarajevo University Draga Mastilović told Srna that the announcement of the introduction of content from the period 1992-1995 in history textbooks in Tuzla Canton, such as “aggression against BiH”, “Srebrenica genocide,” “the siege of Sarajevo,” “ethnocide,” “culturocide,”’ clearly shows the intention to politically engage with historiography.

BELGRADE, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - Commenting on the Tuzla Canton’s announcement of the introduction of history lesson units such as “Srebrenica genocide,” “the siege of Sarajevo,” or the “Tuzla Gate,” for elementary school pupils, historian Miloš Ković has told Srna that history teachers should teach children the truth, and not manipulate with the past, particularly not with the recent and painful one.


BELGRADE, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - The state of emergency has been declared in Čajetina on Mount Zlatibor and in Brus near Mount Kopaonik due to the coronavirus epidemic so that restrictive measures have been introduced in a total of 18 municipalities and cities.

BELGRADE, JULY 6 /SRNA/ - Lawyer Srđan Aleksić said today that the first lawsuits by people who contracted cancer due to the depleted uranium that was used during the bombardment of Serbia by NATO will be filed with national courts at the end of August or the beginning of September, with medical evidence proving the claim that the depleted uranium was the cause of their illness.

BELGRADE, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - The Association of Families of Kidnapped and Killed Persons in Kosovo and Metohija expects Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić to raise the issue of kidnapped Serbs at important meetings in Paris, Brussels and Washington, stressing that keeping quiet about them is a great sin.

BANJALUKA, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - President of the Committee for Aid to Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija Milorad Arlov has voiced his support to the best world tennis player Novak Đoković, who has experienced unfounded attacks from all side, and thanked him for his long-lasting humanitarian work and gifted him with the picture of six honorary citizens of Zvečan Municipality and a Republika Srpska scarf.

BELGRADE, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - Jelena Ivančić, who graduated from the prestigious Mathematical Gymnasium in Belgrade as the best student of all times, will resume her education at Cambridge.


EAST SARAJEVO, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik congratulated Andrej Plenković and the HDZ on victory in Croatia’s parliamentary elections.

BELGRADE, JULY 7 /SRNA/ - Chairman of the Committee on the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region of the Serbian Parliament Miodrag Linta has said that almost two-thirds of residents of Croatia demonstrated in the past parliamentary elections that they are right-wing oriented, as they voted for parties that are flirting with the Ustashe movement or promoting the movement directly. /end/sg



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