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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - August 4, 2020




BANJA LUKA, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - Banja Luka lawyer Slobodan Perić, who fled the Republic of Srpska Krajina after the criminal action of the Croatian army and police "Storm", has said that 25 years since the exodus, nothing new and positive has happened in favor of Serbs from Krajina, only worse.

BANJA LUKA, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - Socialist Party President Petar Đokić, on the occasion of marking the Day of Remembrance of all Serbs killed and expelled in the criminal operation "Storm", has stated that Croatian military forces carried out ethnic cleansing of more than 250,000 Serbs, which is the largest crime committed in Europe since World War II.

BANJA LUKA, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - DNS President Nenad Nešić has said that the memory of the innocent victims and exiles in the Croatian military-police operation "Storm", the largest ethnic cleansing of the 1990s in the former Yugoslavia, is an eternal warning to the Serb people that they must primarily rely on themselves and be united because only the united and strong can survive.

BANJA LUKA, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - The coronavirus was confirmed in another 76 people in Republika Srpska, out of 506 tested, and one death was reported, it was said at today's press conference of the representatives of the Institute of Public Health of Srpska.

BANJA LUKA, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - Out of a total of 76 newly infected persons with the coronavirus in the last 24 hours in Republika Srpska, most are from Banja Luka, 11 of them, and nine from Zvornik.

EAST ILIDŽA, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - In Vojkovići settlement, in East Ilidža, today was marked the 28 years since this settlement was defended, as well as Krupac and Grlica, which prevented the intention of Bosniak forces to occupy Ilidža and move towards Pale.


SARAJEVO, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - Delegate of the Serb people in the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliament Lazar Prodanović has told SRNA that a large number of appeals against the decision to print ballots for the local elections in BiH are symptomatic in the context of whether the BiH Central Election Commission elected the best, most favorable and highest quality offeror.

SARAJEVO, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - The ban on the director of the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of BiH Aleksandar Zolak expired on July 29, and the Prosecutor's Office of BiH did not ask for an extension, Zolak's lawyer Senka Nožica confirmed SRNA.


DRVAR, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the suffering and persecution of Serbs in the criminal operation of the Croatian army and police "Storm", wreaths were laid at the memorial Guvno in Drvar.

SARAJEVO, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - In the Federation of BiH, in the past 24 hours, the coronavirus was confirmed in 301 people out of 974 tested, the Federal Institute of Public Health announced.

SARAJEVO, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - Wahhabi leader in BiH Bilal Bosnić, who is serving a seven-year prison sentence in Zenica prison for recruiting and inciting terrorism, requested a two-day leave to attend the funerals of his son and brother who drowned yesterday in the river Sana near Sanski Most.


BELGRADE, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - Not a quarter of a century after the military-police operation "Storm", all the bodies of Krajina Serbs were not found and exhumed in Croatia, the Association of Families of Missing and Killed Persons "Tear /Suza/" warned today.

BELGRADE, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - Representatives of the Coordination of Associations of Refugees and Displaced Persons in Serbia, Association Zavičaj and other partner associations laid wreaths today at the monument to Serbs killed in the wars of the 1990s in Tašmajdan Park in Belgrade, on the occasion of 25 years from the exodus of the Serb people in the criminal action of the Croatian army and police "Storm".

BANJA LUKA, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the pogrom against the Serb population of the Republic of Srpska Krajina during the Croatian military operation "Storm", Prince Filip Karađorđević said that a quarter of a century after that crime there is still small justice, but that Serbs must fight together for it.

NOVI SAD, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - President of the People's Movement "Dinara-Drina-Danube" in Novi Sad Tomislav Bokan has told SRNA that 25 years after the criminal Croatian action "Storm", the suffering of Serbs from the former Republic of Srpska Krajina must not be forgotten.


BELGRADE, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - Coordination of Serbian Associations of Families of the Missing, Killed and Fallen Persons in the Former Yugoslavia /Serb`s Coordination/ believes that the participation of Boris Milošević, the elected representative of Serbs in Croatia, on Croatian celebration of their criminal action "Storm" in Knin on Wednesday, will not be able to erase the fact that the operation carried out 25 years ago was a joint criminal enterprise aimed at persecuting Serbs from the then Republic of Srpska Krajina.

PODGORICA, AUGUST 4 /SRNA/ - The Croatian flag was hoisted in Kotor today, on the day when the 25th anniversary of the Croatian criminal action "Storm" is being marked, reports the IN4S portal. /end/bo