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BANJALUKA, AUGUST 14 /SRNA/ - Nikola Perišić, a member of the Board of Directors of the BiH Missing Persons Institute, expects the process of searching for missing persons in BiH to be intensified in the coming period, as it has been fully halted due to the coronavirus outbreak.


"I expect the intensification of prosecutorial orders when it comes to the exhumations and identification of Serb victims of war, and much better results in the searching for missing Serbs," Perišić told SRNA.

He stated there were no prosecutorial decisions due to the coronavirus pandemic, thus no exhumations, since the movement of investigators on the ground was limited in terms of collecting and verifying missing persons informationt.

Speaking about the years-long delay in the process of identifying the exhumed remains of more than 600 persons in three memorial ossuaries in Republika Srpska - Banjaluka, Nevesinje and East Sarajevo, Perišić notes it is suspected that a large number of persons wrongly identified by the classical method are laid in the memorial ossuaries and mortuaries in Srpska.

"We will run a campaign to take blood samples from family members in order to solve this issue," Perišić pointed out.

He says the identification will be performed exclusively based on the prosecutor’s office order in cases reliably indicating wrong identification by the classical method, with the obligatory consent of the family members.

Republika Srpska is still searching for about 1,660 missing soldiers and civilians, while the remains of more than 600 unidentified people are still laid in three memorial ossuaries in Srpska. /end/vos