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BANJALUKA, SEPTEMBER 24 /SRNA/ - A statement from BiH Presidency member and SDA vice-president Šefik DŽaferović to BHRT that “the Republika Srpska police and certain companies, which are transporting migrants from the eastern BiH border to the Una-Sana Canton in an organized manner, are exposed to criminal responsibility,” speaks of his readiness to abuse the seriousness of the migrant crisis in the country by uttering falsehoods for daily political ends, while not offering any quality solution,


A press release says that members of the Republika Srpska Ministry of Internal Affairs do not transport and have never transported migrants, but also do not have a right to limit their movements.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs should act in keeping with conclusions of the Republika Srpska Government in order to maintain good security situation in the territory of Republika Srpska, while not jeopardizing migrants’ rights and respecting the European Convention on Human Rights and Freedoms,” says the press release.

The Republika Srpska MIA says that buses full of migrants are coming to Banjaluka from Sarajevo and Tuzla and other towns in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/, that buses are owned by operators from that entity and that migrants regularly pay their fares.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska will consider prospects for filing charges against Šefik DŽaferović for uttering such falsehoods,” says the press release. /end/sg