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BANJA LUKA, SEPTEMBER 27 /SRNA/ - One man has died and the coronavirus was confirmed in 61 persons after 369 samples were tested, this is the new balance of coronavirus in Republika Srpska, according to the Institute of Public Health, in the past 24 hours.


A middle-aged man from Banja Luka passed away.

Banja Luka still has the most infected people, as many as 29 people, then five from Laktaši, four from Prnjavor, three from Gradiška and Ribnik, two from Derventa, Kneževo, Kotor Varoš, Trebinje and Čelinac and one each from Bijeljina, Bileća, Zvornik, Lopare, Mrkonjic Grad, Novi Grad and Prijedor.

37 out of the total number of infected are males and 24 females, of which 12 are younger, 29 middle-aged and 20 older.

So far, 78,088 people have been tested in Republika Srpska, 9,167 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, 298 people have died and 6,177 have recovered.

A total of 172 patients are being treated, 54 in the University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska and 118 in general hospitals.

In Republika Srpska, 2,780 people are currently under health supervision, and the supervision has been completed for 59,827 people. /end/bo