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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - September 27, 2020




BANJA LUKA, SEPTEMBER 27 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Minister of Finance Zora Vidović has stated that the situation with the budget of Srpska is good, i.e. that it is liquid and that the budget for the next year is being drafted.


LJUBLJANA, SEPTEMBER 27 /SRNA/ - BiH citizens will be able to enter Slovenia, from Monday, September 28, with a negative PCR test for the coronavirus, which was done in laboratories in the Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH.

SKOPJE, SEPTEMBER 27 /SRNA/ - The Balkan countries are discussing the possibility of simultaneously opening up the borders without PCR tests for the coronavirus, the Minister of Health of North Macedonia Venko Filipče said.

PODGORICA, SEPTEMBER 27 /SRNA/ - Another 116 persons have been infected with the coronavirus in Montenegro in the past 24 hours, the Institute of Public Health announced.

SKOPJE, SEPTEMBER 27 /SRNA/ - Three deaths and 148 newly infected are new data on the coronavirus in North Macedonia. /end/bo