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SARAJEVO, SEPTEMBER 30 /SRNA/ - Chairman of the Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltija voiced expectation for the EU making a decision to grant BiH candidate status on the day of signing the Dayton Peace Agreement, which would be a symbolic act, but also an act BiH deserves.


"I hope that today's visit of the three-member BiH Presidency to Brussels, which took an active role in BiH's accession to the EU, who will be holding talks with European officials informing them about everything that has been done in BiH so far, will pass in that light," said Tegeltija.

He explains that the key reason for his expectation is the fact that BiH is the part of Europe and that Europe will not be complete until all the countries of the Western Balkans access the EU, because they all have a commitment to go towards the EU.

"Maybe we have not all fulfilled all obligations, which is quite obvious, but we have not done anything against the principles and basic values advocated by the EU. BiH has not done anything against it with any of its laws or political acts," Tegeltija told BHT .

He states that BiH has many obligations to fulfill, which will be fulfilled.

"As always and in all business operations, one cannot complete all the obligations and tasks that are set before him/her, but those who work in BiH and European officials know that BiH has done and arranged a lot. Also, none of our obligations will be unfulfilled and we will continue to work on fulfilling them," Tegeltija said.

When it comes to 14 priorities, some of which have been met and some have not, Tegeltija says he is always for a quick agreement on issues that have been agreed upon to resolve it, and that open issues are being gradually resolved.

The chairman of the Council of Ministers expressed the expectation that the European commissioners would confirm their commitment to BiH candidate status in Brussels on Wednesday, and he especially expects positive news regarding the European Investment Summit on the Western Balkans, which should be held in Sofia in late November.

"I hope there will be assessments of assistance types for all countries in the Western Balkans, includoing BiH," Tegeltija said.

When it comes to the Mini Schengen initiative and connecting the region, Tegeltija says that BiH should have given its consent to this initiative a year ago, as it is what BiH needs.

"BiH needs every kind of cooperation. This agreement cannot replace the EU accession process, but it should compensate for all the weaknesses that have been displayed so far, to speed up our cooperation, interconnection, flow of people, goods, services, capital. Why should it be a problem, why should our goods stand at the border for days, why should we face barriers when people move and travel from country to country," Tegeltija asked.

He emphasized that he was sure the agreement could improve the economic cooperation of the Western Balkans countries and exchange experiences in the EU accession process in order for them to become more ready to obtain Union membership.

"The Council of Ministers will submit a positive opinion on this process to the BiH Presidency as a body that makes key decisions on foreign policy, and I am convinced that BiH will be consented to become part of that agreement," Tegeltija pointed out.

As for the disposal of radioactive waste on Trgovska Gora, Tegeltija said that there were some misunderstandings regarding this issue in the Council of Ministers because some processes started earlier, then were interrupted, and then ambitious activities were initiated by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Affairs in the Council of Ministers, Staša Košarac, and entity ministers.

"Soon we will institutionally set up the system and try to protect the citizens of BiH in the Una river basin. Whether we will succeed in convincing Croatia not to go all the way, until the arbitration, I don't know, it remains to be seen, but I believe we will reach a solution. I hope that arbitration will not be necessary,” Tegeltija said. /end/vos