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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - December 1, 2020




BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - Finance Minister of Republika Srpska Zora Vidović said today in the National Assembly of Republika Srpska that a decision on provisional deviation of the consolidated budget deficit from fiscal rules should be adopted as it was determined that the coronavirus pandemic is the cause for adopting it. “We drafted estimates until the end of the year, and the most significant decline is expected in tax collection. Negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic resulted in the decline of GDP by 2.7 percent in the first seven months,” said Vidović while explaining a report on provisional deviation of the consolidated budget deficit from fiscal rules.

BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - Finance Minister of Republika Srpska Zora Vidović has said that a total of BAM 328.7 million has been paid from the Compensation Fund. When asked by MPs during Question Time at a meeting of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska, Vidović has said that BAM 94 million from the Compensation Fund has been directed directly to the economy, plus BAM 50 million for guarantees for bank loans.

BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović expressed the hope that this year's humanitarian drive “To Brave Hearts with Love” will be successful, and particularly pointed out the importance of raising awareness of the needs of prematurely born babies in Republika Srpska. After a meeting with representatives of the Association of Parents of Prematurely Born Babies “Mrvice” at whose initiative funds will be raised to establish the first human milk bank in Srpska, Cvijanović has said that this is a great undertaking and the first such bank in BiH.

BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković has said that he works and will continue to work honestly, professionally and responsibly, and that he has never signed a suspicious agreement or did something to the detriment of Srpska.

BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - The second Forward Conference starts tomorrow under the auspices of the Ministry of Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society of Republika Srpska and the Innovation Center Banjaluka.

BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - In the past 24 hours, another 335 persons in Republika Srpska tested positive for the coronavirus of the 894 who were tested and 20 persons died, said the Institute of Public Health of Republika Srpska.

BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - In the past year, one new case of HIV infection was reported in Republika Srpska, and three persons died of AIDS, reports the Institute of Public Health of Republika Srpska.

ZVORNIK, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - The Birač Regional Board of Demos fulfilled its goals in local elections by taking 14 seats in local assemblies in the Birač region and office of mayor of Šekovići, president of the Regional Board Siniša Mijatović said today.

JAHORINA, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - The winter tourist season on Mount Jahorina will officially open on Thursday, December 3, director of the Jahorina Olympic Center Dejan Ljevnaić said today.

PRIJEDOR, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - The Prijedor Forestry Concern plans to plant 150,000 seedlings by the end of the year on 85 ha on Mount Kozara.


SARAJEVO, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - Minister of Communications and Transport in the Council of Minister Vojin Mitrović and British Ambassador to BiH Matthew Field signed today an agreement between Great Britain and the Council of Ministers on international road transportation.

SARAJEVO, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - Director of the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency /Fipa/ Milica Marković has said that the energy sector is one of the most powerful sectors in BiH with a long tradition and huge potentials and prospects for further development and investments.

SARAJEVO, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - The State Investigation and Protection Agency /Sipa/ has not filed a report with the Prosecutor's Office of BiH against president of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council /HJPC/ Milan Tegeltija and former member of the HJPC Milijana Buha, Sipa spokesman Luka Miladinović told Srna.


MOSTAR, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - SNSD president Milorad Dodik urged Serbs in Mostar to support the joint list of candidates “Remain Here – Together for Our Mostar” so that they could finally have their authentic representatives in the City Council. “It is our intention to have Serbs involved and vote for those who gather authentic representatives so that we could have our representatives and so that we could negotiate with partners about participation in the government,” Dodik told reporters in Mostar after a meeting with HDZ BiH president Dragan Čović. HDZ BiH president Dragan Čović says the time is right to transform the Office of the High Representative in BiH. He has said that delegations of the SNSD and the HDZ discussed results of local elections in BiH, local elections in Mostar, operations of the Council of Ministers and passage of a BiH budget for next year.

SARAJEVO, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - In the past 24 hours, 780 persons in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ tested positive for the coronavirus of the 2,476 who were tested, and 25 persons died.


BELGRADE, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić presented members of the Serbian Army with awards for merits in the fight against the coronavirus, and presented an award on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the Battle of Košare.

BELGRADE, OBRENOVAC, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - A corner stone was laid in Obrenovac for the construction of a facility for desulphurization of emission gases from the Nikola Tesla thermal power plant, which will reduce emission of gases by 95 percent.

BELGRADE, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - The war drama called “Dara from Jasenovac,” directed by Predrag Gaga Antonijević, which is also Serbia's representative in a race for Oscar, has entered the official race for the Golden Globe Award, not only in the category for the best foreign movie, but in all other categories, reports the "Večernje Novosti" daily.


PODGORICA, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - At the end of last year, 243 persons infected with HIV lived in Montenegro, of whom 216 are men and 27 women, said the Institute of Public Health.


BRUSSELS, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA-Reuters/ - The European Commission will give a final authorization for the roll-out of covid-19 vaccines probably within days after they are approved by the European health regulator, said a spokesman for the European Commission./end/sg