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SARAJEVO, JANUARY 17 /SRNA/ - Minister of Finance and Treasury in the Council of Ministers Vjekoslav Bevanda stated in an interview with SRNA that the work on the draft budget for this year has been completed and he expects that it will be before the Council of Ministers by the end of the month.


"According to the adopted Global Fiscal Framework, the budget for BiH institutions for this year has been increased and amounts to 1 billion and 27 million BAM, while we are allocating 843 million BAM for the external debt this year", pointed out Bevanda, who is also the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers.

He also emphasized that direct withdrawing from the single account for BiH institutions amount to 780 million BAM, while the rest are own revenues.

Bevanda stated that there are set of circumstances that influenced the budget did not adopt by the end of the last year, and he believes that it is primarily of a political nature.

He noted that last year was very difficult, and several areas had to be reacted to because of covid-19 epidemic.

"We also had a drop in VAT revenues and a number of aggravating circumstances. There were also long negotiations for loans that we had with the IMF and the EU. That money is intended for the budgets of entities that carry a heavy burden when it comes to social benefits and health care system. In the end, we had the initiative to remove this Council of Ministers from those who ask why the temporary funding now and why the budget is late", Bevanda said. /end/bo