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BANJALUKA, JANUARY 27 /SRNA/ - The head of the Banjaluka Document Expertise Forensic Centre, Dane Branković, says the expert analysis of the disputed signatures of voters in Doboj and Srebrenica were done by an unprofessional individual, who is not a graduated graphic technology engineer.


Branković, who is both a document expert and a graphic technology engineer, says it doesn't matter if the expert, who worked on the signatures, has the status of an expert in document expertise and works in a state institution, if he actually completed an internal, short course that is nowhere publicly verified.

He says it is inadmissible for someone to get the status of an expert in, for example, 12 days, and noted that the Federation of BiH has not got a single graphic technology engineer, who is an expert in documents.

Branković says that the parties in dispute should ask the CEC for the minutes of the expert who was analyzing the signatures.

"I suggest the minutes be submitted to our Centre, so that we can specifically comment on incompetence present in the expert's finding," Branković said at a press conference in Banjaluka.

When it comes to verifying the authenticity of signatures, Branković says it takes a lot of time and work, for example, it takes up to 60 working days for about fifty disputed signatures in Srebrenica.

The Central Election Commission /CEC/ of BiH has recently annulled the elections in Srebenica and Doboj, which were held on November 15, 2020.

The CEC has decided to annul the elections at 26 regular polling stations and two absentee polling stations in the Basic Constituency of Srebrenica, for the positions at the level of mayor and Municipal Assembly. The elections were also annulled at 89 regular polling stations in the Basic Constituency of Doboj for the positions at the level of mayor and the City Assembly. /end/vos