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BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 25 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović has told Srna that statements about the war by which Bakir Izetbegovic is trying to mobilize the international factor are very bombastic.


"These are sick ideological statements that show that there is a war in Izetbegović's head, but also in other such heads, and that they would be able to fight to finally reach the concept of unitarization and domination, which was prevented by the Dayton Accords," she said when asked to comment on Izetbegovic's statement that "if people want to live, they must be ready to die, if they want peace, they must be ready for war", and that, as he says, Bosnian patriots have no alternative.

She pointed out that this is why they are dismantling the Dayton Accords, and unfortunately their foreign helpers are also openly participating in it.

"The fact that he frightens the international public with a greater Serbia is a cheap trick not to talk about creating a Muslim state wrapped in the concept of a supposedly functional BiH in which multiethnicity would be reduced to a decor for showing to the outside world," the Republika Srpska president said, pointing out Izetbegović’s statement that there will certainly be a conflict so that “Tomašica, Srebrenica, Brčko would not be a part of a greater Serbia instead of BiH.”

"If Izetbegović was capable of coexistence, instead of threatening with war, he would sit with others and discuss what to do so as not to divide BiH. We are not interested in his wars and ideological plans. We are interested in the Constitution and what it gave Republika Srpska and God forbid that the future depends on such extremists like him," the Republika Srpska president said. /end/sg