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BELGRADE, September 13 /SRNA/ - Ljubisa Rakic, an academician, said today that during the NATO bombing of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, depleted uranium was used in the amount that would be sufficient for building approximately 170 replicas of a nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima.


"The most frequent effects on human health are thyroid gland disorders, malignant diseases, gulf war and Balkan syndromes that not only our soldiers suffer from, but also the soldiers from the Western countries who participated in those wars," Rakic said at the Serbian Army’s House at the promotion of the book "Early and delayed health effects of depleted uranium" authored by Svetlana Zunic, a doctor.

Rakic, who is the reviewer of the book, has pointed out that the anomalies of the fetus are more and more often.

He has said that the use of depleted uranium in the Gulf War and in the Balkans led to global contamination.

Due to airborne transfer of particles after bomb explosion, he has added, the consequences were not recorded only in the areas where it was used, but also at a distance of thousands of miles.

Zunic has stated that bombing by using missiles containing depleted uranium causes global contamination of the environment, which leads to climate changes that are manifested by temperature extremes, fires, etc.

"Increased frequency of forest fires has been recorded in the territory of Serbia and the surrounding countries after the bombing of Bosnia and Herzegovina and FR Yugoslavia. Contamination of all natural resources, including air, water and biosphere, is the cause of population contamination, most often through inhalation," said Zunic.

She has added that besides inhalation, depleted uranium particles enter the body through the intake of contaminated food and water and injured skin contamination.

Zunic has pointed out that the growing trends of malignant and non-malignant diseases, both in Serbia, Europe and the world, provide an incentive to study the negative consequences of the military use of depleted uranium.

Each study, she has concluded, that deals with this problem is endless because the detrimental effect of depleted uranium is permanent and can be measured for billions of years. /end/vos