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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - January 3, 2018




ISTOCNO SARAJEVO - Minister of Health and Social Welfare Dragan Bogdanic toured the construction site of a new building of the Istocno Sarajevo hospital on Wednesday and said he was pleased with the pace of works.

BANJALUKA - Minister of Internal Affairs Dragan Lukac commended the police officers Radenko Cvjetkovic, Sifet Okic, Kasim Beganovic and Sladjan Dacic, who nobly and courageously saved five lives over the past few days, showing humanity and dedication.

BANJALUKA - Minister of Education and Culture Dane Malesevic told Srna the Ministry approved 202 applications out of the total 260 for teaching assistants helping children with developmental disorders, for which purposes an amount of BAM850,000 was allocated.

BANJALUKA - A reform of the Missing Persons Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only requirement for accelerating the process of tracing the missing Serbs in 2018, says Nedeljko Mitrovic, head of the Association of Families of the Captured, Fallen Veterans and Missing Civilians of Republika Srpska.

BANJALUKA - Chair of the Srpska Council of Peoples Nada Tesanovic believes that in 2018 too, the Council will conduct frequent reviews of vital national interest, which are requested by the Bosniak Caucus, and even reviews of certain acts where such a procedure will not be necessary.

BANJALUKA - In 2017, a total of 65.6 percent of enterprises in Republika Srpska had their own website, three percent more than in 2016, reports the Entity Statistics Institute.

MRKONJIC GRAD - Forty children with developmental difficulties received New Year’s and Christmas presents provided by the Centre for Social Work and Red Cross at the Bubamara day-care centre in Mrkonjic Grad on Wednesday.

DERVENTA - The first baby born this year in the Derventa maternity clinic is called Andjela - a firstborn to mother Dragana and father Slaven Kovacevic from the settlement of Donja Lupljanica.

BANJALUKA - The New Year’s concerts held for three nights in a row in the Krajina Square in Banjaluka were attended by more than 30,000 residents of the city and tourists from the regional countries according to the preliminary estimates of the local Police Administration, the City Administration said.

BELGRADE - Representatives of the First Serbian Democratic Party and association Cast otadzbine had a meeting Wednesday in Belgrade to discuss appearances by certain SDS representatives and their, as they said, attacks on the creators of Republika Srpska, former generals, officers and fighters of the military and police.


ISTOCNO SARAJEVO - The key problem and cause of a deadlock in the implementation of the verdict of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Sejdic and Finci vs. BiH should be sought in the Federation of BiH, that is, in the relationship between the political parties there, says Stasa Kosarac, head of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats /SNSD/ Caucus in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly.

BANJALUKA - The BiH Indirect Taxation Authority is introducing online VAT refund and excise refund as of January and will e-mail a statement on using online services to 1,614 large taxpayers on Wednesday.


BELGRADE - The Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla reported it had serviced 5,343,420 passengers in 2017, its best business result in 55 years of its life.


ZAGREB - The Serbian National Council /SNV/ in Croatia will host a reception in Zagreb on January 6 for the Orthodox Christmas celebration. /end/ds