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SARAJEVO, March 22 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska National Assembly Speaker Nedeljko Cubrilovic said that all institutions in Srpska will support the newly built Hospital "Serbia" in Istocno Sarajevo to develop into a clinical centre.


After visiting this medical institution and meeting its management, Cubrilovic voiced satisfaction over "Serbia" Hospital being completed and that everything planned has been done.

"It is up to the hospital management to improve work, quality of work, training of personnel," Cubrilovic told reporters in Istocno Sarajevo, adding that it was a pleasure to see what kind of equipment and in what conditions employees can provide services to the citizens of this region.

He voiced expectation that the Serbia Hospital will establish cooperation not only with other health institutions in Republika Srpska, but also with Sarajevo, as well as with health institutions in Europe, by exchanging physicians and experts.

"Doctors with high scientific achievements should stay in this hospital to train staff at the hospital and to show what can be done in conditions provided by the Serbia Hospital," said Cubrilovic.

He wished the gynecological and maternity wards to have as much work as possible, and the Istocno Sarajevo residents to visit this institution the least possible.

Nebojsa Seslija, acting director of the Serbia Hospital, thanked the institutions of Republika Srpska for providing the residents of Istocno Sarajevo, for the first time in 20 years, with the opportunity to get services in a hospital of a general type of secondary level in a realistic manner.

"We informed the National Assembly speaker about the activities taking place in the hospital. A delegation of the Banjaluka Clinical Centre will pay visit to us in the next seven days, in order to train our medical staff and improve their knowledge in the future, with the aim of providing the best quality services to the residents of the Sarajevo-Romanija region" said Seslija.

He said the moving to the Serbia Hospital was running as planned, adding that the deadlines will be respected.

"The latest preparations for the relocation of surgical wards are in progress and we expect this ward to start operating in full capacity soon," said Seslija. /end/vos