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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - March 22, 2018




KRUPA NA UNI - Dragana Todic, principal of the primary school "Branko Copic" in Donji Dubovik, the administrative centre of the Krupa na Uni Municipality, told SRNA that the school reconstruction began for which BAM 20.000 was allocated from the Office of the Republika Srpska President.

TREBINJE - The City Organisation of the Red Cross Trebinje and the public institution "Ecology and Safety" started posting posters that warn migrants on minefields on the border region of Republika Srpska, i.e. between BiH and Montenegro and Croatia.

SARAJEVO - The 3rd "Exhibition of Srpska Comics" opened in Istocno Sarajevo this evening, featuring works by twenty-ish most active comic book writers in Srpska gathered around the Association of Comic Book Writers and Fans of Republika Srpska "Ninth Dimension" and comic magazine "Parabelum".

ISTOCNA SARAJEVO – The Democratic Union /Demos/ leader, Nedeljko Cubrilovic, stated this evening in Istocno Sarajevo that the constitution of the local assemblies of the party is coming to an end, creating conditions for organising regional committees and thus the presidency of the party.

BANJALUKA - The PDP Presidency today adopted a decision to support all political solutions and agreements that are in line with the principles of the Republika Srpska Reconstruction Programme, such as the rule of law, strengthening of democratic institutions and citizens' standards, as it will not support anything that is contrary to the PDP programme and the interests of the Srpska citizens.


BELGRADE - Russian academician Jelena Guskova said that the year of 1999 proved that Serbia actually defended Russia at that time, defended the borders of Orthodoxy and Slavs, and that Serbia fought to make Russia aware of its role in the modern world.

BELGRADE - Within the action "Forest for victims of NATO aggression in 1999", 2,500 seedlings were planted in the forest farm "Belgrade", at the Lipovica site, in memory of those who lost their lives during the 78 days of NATO aggression.


LONDON - Two persons were arrested in connection with attacks on five mosques in the English city of Birmingham, the Independent reports. /end/vos