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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - April 16, 2019




BANJALUKA, April 16 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović will meet with an OHR delegation led by High Representative Valentin Inzko on Wednesday in Banjaluka.

BANJALUKA, April 16 /SRNA/ - The Speaker of the Republika Srpska Parliament, Nedeljko Čubrilović, will meet with the High Representative to BiH, Valentin Inzko, and Brčko District Supervisor Michael Scanlan, on Wednesday in Banjaluka.

BANJALUKA, April 16 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković will meet with representatives of NLB Group and NLB Bank Banjaluka on Wednesday in Banjaluka.

BANJALUKA, April 16 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Internal Affairs Minister Dragan Lukač said in the Republika Srpska National Assembly on Tuesday that he is proud that salaries for around 4,500 police officers holding secondary school diplomas and several hundreds of those with higher education will soon be increased by 10%. The Head of the SNSD Caucus, Igor Žunić, said that it is important that by increasing salaries to members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Republika Srpska Government and the Internal Affairs Ministry are sending a message that police officers are respected and appreciated.

NEUM, April 15 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Minister of Energy and Mining, Petar Đokić, said on Tuesday in Neum that the energy transition means a change of existing and enactment of new regulations and that Republika Srpska is taking this direction.

NEUM, April 15 /SRNA/ - The director-general of Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske /the Republika Srpska Electric Power Company/, Luka Petrović, said on Tuesday that in the next ten years, Elektroprivreda will invest 1.25 billion Euros in hydropower plants, wind power plants and solar power plants which will bring huge benefits to Republika Srpska.

PALE, April 16 /SRNA/ - On the Waterfront, by Elia Kazan, which speaks of mafia violence and corruption, starring Marlon Brando, was screened on Tuesday evening in Pale which marked the beginning of a three-day Filmoteka event, organized by the Republika Srpska Film Library.


SARAJEVO, April 16 /SRNA/ - The Chairman of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, and the Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH, Ambassador Bruce Berton, agreed on Tuesday that forming authorities in BiH is a main precondition for resolution of many issues important for the normal functioning of BiH and its international credibility.

SARAJEVO, April 16 /SRNA/ - The Chairman of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, Presidency Member Šefik Džaferović and Slovenian President Borut Pahor agreed on Tuesday that EU enlargement to members of the Brdo-Brioni Process is of geopolitical importance for the continent, and that the upcoming summit of member states of the Brdo-Brioni Process in Albania will be in that spirit.

BELGRADE, April 16 /SRNA/ - The president of the Alliance of Serbs from the Region, Miodrag Linta, said on Tuesday that the trial of the former commander of the 5th Corps of the so-called Army of BiH, Atif Dudaković, on charges of mass crimes against Serbs will end with acquittal of the accused, citing numerous facts confirming that the BiH Court is an anti-Serbian court.


DRVAR, April 16 /SRNA/ - The secretary-general of the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Veljko Odalović, stated at the opening of a consular office in Drvar on Tuesday that Serbia’s presence in the municipality is the most direct connection and link between the motherland and Serbs living there.

SARAJEVO, April 16 /SRNA/ - Members of the FBiH Civil Protection Administration determined on Tuesday the presence of metal in soil at a location near the RTV Home in the Sarajevo settlement of Alipašino Polje which is supposed to be a place where killed Sarajevo Serbs are buried, the president of the Association of Families of Missing Persons from the Sarajevo-Romanija Region, Milan Mandić, told SRNA on Tuesday.


BELGRADE, April 16 /SRNA/ - Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said on Tuesday that a decision on possible early parliamentary elections will be announced after meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin.


WASHINGTON, April 16 /SRNA-Reuters/ - In a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron, US President Donald Trump extended his condolences over the fire in the famed Notre Dame Cathedral and offered US assistance in rehabilitating that historical building, announced the White House on Tuesday. /end/sg