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BANJALUKA, April 17 /SRNA/ - High Representative Valentin Inzko said in Banjaluka on Wednesday that failing to form new Council of Ministers was a disgrace.


"The consequences are already visible in the Council of Europe, where BiH is no longer represented," Inzko told reporters at the press hall of the National Assembly.

He said that the failing to form the authorities does not bring any good, because people expect the executive authorities to solve the essential problems of citizens.

Inzko said that Srpska Government quickly formed the government, although it is easier to do it in Srpska.

When it comes to the draft laws on amendments to the Law on Police and Internal Affairs and amendments to the Law on Public Order and Peace, which are being reviewed at the National Assembly, Inzko said that Srpska Parliament Speaker Nedeljko Čubrilović and he did not go into details at the meeting.

"We did not go into details," Inzko said, answering the question of whether he asked for the repeal of these laws.

He voiced hope that these acts will be in accordance with international standards and stressed that his Wednesday’s visit to Banjaluka was a protocolary. /end/vos