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BELGRADE, April 18 /SRNA/ - Professor Darko Tanasković believes that the international community's pressure on Serbia and Republika Srpska will continue to alter their position on NATO, and notes that having those in Serb communities advocating that everything what happened in 1999 should be forgotten makes things more difficult.


"It is much harder since there are those in Serb communities who suggest Serbia and Republika Srpska to accept NATO membership. There are surprisingly many ideological and other prejudices and, of course, the interests," Tanasković told SRNA.

He stressed that Republika Srpska's refusal to accept the possibility of BiH's accession to NATO – is clearly moral and existential.

Tanasković pointed out that the fact that Bosniaks are unable to understand this, thus conditioning the formation of authorities the BiH level, suggests that Bosniak policy is a continuation of the war by using other means.

"Some people, especially in the Bosniak national corps, have not yet realized what the motives of the Serbs refusing to access NATO are, therefore they bring it to the level of something that is actually a daily politics - the formation of the Council of Ministers and the appointment of a person in charge of appointing ministers to the Council. These are pure political issues, while for the Serbs, this is a moral and existential issue," said Tanasković, who took part in the forum "Why Srpska does not want to access NATO? in Belgrade on Thursday".

He emphasized that a correct and, if necessary, a partner relations with NATO is realistic.

"However, by accessing NATO, both Republika Srpska and the Serb national corps would have lost that little instruments that remained to show dignity and self-consciousness, including the arguments that must be heard on the political agenda," Tanasković stressed. /end/vos