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BELGRADE, April 18 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska, whose parliament, just like Serbia’s, adopted a Resolution on Military Neutrality, does not have political, economic or security reasons to become a member of NATO, and BiH’s accession to the Alliance would mean the disappearance of Srpska, said participants of a forum titled “Why Srpska does not want to join NATO?”


Participants of the forum that was organized by the Republika Srpska Representative Office in Serbia said that citizens, just like all parliamentary parties in Republika Srpska, are clearly against accession to NATO due to the NATO aggression in the 1990s.

Politicologist Aleksandar Pavić said that NATO is the main factor of instability in Europe and in Eurasian space and that it behaves as the 3rd Reich behaved.

“NATO does not represent values close to us anymore, NATO states are pushing militarization, suppression of democracy and illegal aggressions and interventions all over the world,” Pavić said.

According to him, NATO member states are taking part in organizing colored revolutions and creating a much worse atmosphere in Europe than it was during the Cold War.

“Neither Republika Srpska nor Serbia should be part of it,” Pavić said.

Aleksandar Vranješ, a professor at the Banjaluka Faculty of Political Science, said that a thesis that membership in NATO is the only guarantee of survival of BiH developed among the Bosniak elite a long time ago.

“Even when the newly-appointed US ambassador says that his state is a guarantor of the sovereignty of BiH, it seems that this is not enough for the SDA. This is why the question is being posed as to why Bosniaks see the western military alliance as the only guarantor of the survival of BiH?” Vranješ asked.

According to him, a response is probably the same as to the question “why the defense industry in the FBiH is secretly producing weapons surplus?”

Vranješ says that it is obvious that the Bosniak political elite, headed by the SDA, sees the force, and not a political agreement, as the only way to discipline Republika Srpska.

Military analyst Miroslav Lazanski, who shares the position of participants of the forum that Republika Srpska should not join NATO, says that by accession to NATO BiH would not get anything just like Croatia, which has been a member for ten years, did not get anything.

He also said that NATO is now extremely anti-Russian military alliance and that accession to that organization would not be a rational move, either politically or economically.

The director of the Republika Srpska Representative Office in Serbia, Mlađen Cicović, said that the forum was organized in order to timely and correctly present the overall political situation in BiH.

“Ever greater pressures on Serbs and Republika Srpska to give up on themselves and agree to BiH’s/Republika Srpska’s accession to NATO could be compared to pressures that were coming from the same side at the time when Serbs in BiH were for the survival of Yugoslavia, and other two peoples for independence,” he said.

Cicović said that by the Resolution on Military Neutrality, the Republika Srpska National Assembly obliged all Serbian politicians and parties, including those representing Srpska in joint bodies in Sarajevo and even every Republika Srpska citizen, not to ever do anything contrary to the Resolution.

He said that NATO is willfully ignoring the Republika Srpska Resolution on Military Neutrality.

“This clearly shows that the Alliance, either blinded by its own military force or in fear from some greater force, does not want to lose time or pay attention to anything that could dispute, let alone disable, the submission of the whole of the Balkans to its command,” Cicović concluded.

Predrag Ćeranić, a professor at the Faculty of Security Studies in Banjaluka, academic Nenad Kecmanović, and Slobodan Antonić, a professor at the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy, also spoke at the forum. /end/sg