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SARAJEVO, June 24 /SRNA/ - The Deputy Speaker of the BiH House of Peoples, Nikola Špirić, has said that SNSD members of the House will not attend an emergency session which was called for Monday in Sarajevo by the Speaker of the House of Peoples, Bakir Izetbegović.


Špirić told reporters in Sarajevo on Monday that the first emergency session was not called in keeping with the procedure stipulated by the Rulebook and added that he is convinced that the session will not be held at all.

“SNSD delegates concluded that we will not give legitimacy to sessions called in violation of the Rulebook,” Špirić said.

Špirić explained that a regulation of the Rulebook stipulating that an emergency session can be called at the request of at least five delegates or a majority of the Collegium was violated.

“We have a signature of only one delegate, Asim Sarajlić, and you must admit that this amounts to the violation of the Rulebook. We cannot display smiles on the outside, and leave bitterness inside. The country will not get international credibility by representing us differently than we really are. I am sorry that a permanent delegation to the Council of Europe was not formed, but reasons that are cited as urgent were also urgent in January as well,” Špirić said.

He has said that the law stipulates that before members are appointed to BiH Parliament’s delegations to parliamentary assemblies of international organizations or other international institutions, the Collegium of the House of Peoples in cooperation with the Collegium of the House of Representatives should determine how many members both Houses should elect.

“We did not have talks with the Collegium of the House of Representatives. A session of the House dedicated to this issue was not called in order for us to be able to resume work. I know that the Speaker of the BiH House of Peoples, Bakir Izetbegović, knows that this amounts to the violation of the Rulebook and I am sorry that he is trying to violate the Rulebook in this way,” said Špirić.

He has added that he warned Izetbegović of the violation of the Rulebook in writing, which was also done by the Deputy Speaker of the House of Peoples, Dragan Čović.

Špirić has said that it would be good if BiH were to get a delegation to the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly, but that it is much more important for it to get legitimate representatives in the authorities.

“The only ones who are demanding that election results are implemented without any conditions are Republika Srpska representatives. But we are a special country where the one who is not in power is demanded to make a move. How one can ask a chairman of the Council of Ministers, who has not yet been appointed, to make any move?” asked Špirić.

He feels that one is “buying time”, but that he does not understand why this is being done, since the Law on the Council of Ministers was violated back in December 2018 when the House of Representatives was formed.

“How is it possible that the Council of Ministers which enjoys the support of the former parliamentary majority still works?” asked Špirić and warned that this will result in the lack of responsibility for the authorities.

Špirić sent a message to Izetbegović saying that he should do everything in its power to reach a consensus in order to find a solution which would mean a step forward.

“Since I took part in some of the negotiations on the formation of the Council of Ministers, I got the impression that they speak one thing in the morning and the other thing in the afternoon. My message is that no one should worry about the Serbian position as it will always be clearly said, just like we insist that both the Croatian and Bosniak sides clearly say their positions,” Špirić said.

Špirić particularly expressed concern over the fact that from September 2018 until the mid-May of this year, 584 new people were employed by BiH institutions.

“These are three Ministries with 200 people each. This simply is not the way,” the Deputy Speaker of the BiH House of Peoples said.

When it comes to activation of the NATO Membership Action Plan /MAP/, Špirić reiterated that he is a jurist, reminding of the decision of the Republika Srpska National Assembly on military neutrality.

“The decision on neutrality does not mean the exclusion of cooperation. Government institutions will decide on the level of this cooperation. It is possible to find a formula to both cooperate and respect the decision on neutrality,” Špirić concluded. /end/sg