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BANJALUKA, July 18 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković said on Thursday in the Republika Srpska National Assembly that by outvoting the Serb member of the BiH Presidency regarding the construction of the Pelješac Bridge, some wanted to provoke a conflict, reaction, and retaliation by Croatia, but that the Chairman of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik recognized the intention and vetoed the decision on time.


“His statement on the protection of the Entity interest is the highest interest of Serbs. This is the real thing and by this we are sending a message that the National Assembly is a place of decision making and not the Presidency… The message is: You cannot outvote us anymore! This is the key of the special session, and not the bridge or something else since the outvoting will continue if we do not say clearly now what we think,” Višković said.

During a parliamentary debate on a proposed decision to confirm the statement from the Serb member of the BiH Presidency that the official position of BiH on the continuation of construction of the Komarina-Pelješac Bridge is very detrimental to the vital interests of Srpska, which was adopted without consensus at a session of the Presidency, Višković has said that Croatia has the right to build bridge in its territory, but also should allow BiH an unhindered access to the open sea.

“The disputed conclusion of the Presidency was adopted at the moment when works worth more than EUR 70 million were completed on the Pelješac Bridge. The project is worth EUR 525 million and is mostly financed by the EU. And now, two Presidency members want to nullify it and call for a halt to works…,” Višković said.

He has said that Croatia certainly will not halt works, particularly not after the Prime Minister of China, the largest world economy, visited them.

“Is this about the protection of vital national interests of Serbs or Croats? This has nothing to do with the Croatian people; this is the protection of the vital interests of the Serbian people, particularly because the disputed conclusion was adopted two hours after a contract on the construction of a bridge on the Sava near Gradiška was signed. This is a game, and some wanted to provoke a neighboring country to react to the conclusion, or to procrastinate works on the bridge on the Sava indefinitely,” Višković explained.

According to him, the failure to resolve the issue of a border crossing on the bridge in Bratunac, which Serbia built in 2017, is a shame for everyone in BiH.

“Serbia built it with its own money, and we cannot build a border crossing. An answer is that we do not have enough money, except for the approved around BAM 11 million, and a border crossing costs BAM 14.5 million. We are lacking BAM 3.5 million and this is why I asked officials to introduce a contractor, and that the lack of money be resolved in the process of construction since it cannot be resolved now due to the failure to form the Council of Ministers. I was promised that this will be done,” Višković said. /end/sg