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BANJALUKA, September 10 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship Vjekoslav Petričević stressed the importance of the First International Conference "Woman - Leader in the Digital Age", as one of the goals is to empower and increase women's participation in the economy and business.


"The mere fact that women own one-third of business entities in Republika Srpska speaks about their contribution to the development of Republika Srpska's economy, and there is still room for that," Petričević told the press before the beginning of the conference.

Petričević voiced support for the work of the Republika Srpska Business Women’s Club, which organised the conference and added that it was necessary to raise awareness of women about their importance in the business.

One of the founders of the Republika Srpska Business Women's Club, Vanja Petrović, said the goal of the conference was to network women in the business sector, as well as those who want to become entrepreneurs.

"The Club’s strategic goal is to strengthen the role of women in business, because women as a leader can be successful. Of course, she also needs the support in this of both women and men," Petrović said.

Petrović voiced her satisfaction over the Regional Memorandum on Cooperation being signed, which will unite the Business Women’s Club of Republika Srpska, the Association of Business Women of Serbia, the Association of Business Women of Montenegro, the Regional Association of Business Women of BiH and the International Network of Business Women of Croatia.

"In the first place, we want to show that we can function as one system on a global scale, so we have linked the international, government and business sectors," Petrović said.

Tanja Mamula Nikolić, a member of the Association of Business Women of Serbia, emphasized the importance of networking so that the women with experience and knowledge could pass it on to younger entrepreneurs, which would help them to further progress and work.

Head of the International Network of Business Women in Croatia, Ivana Radić, said the network had a lot of ongoing projects, aiming, in the first place, at encouraging women to do business.

"What women lack most is the courage to go for any change in which situation the support is most important to them, as well as when they find an obstacle, how to overcome it," said Radić.

The Prointer Company representative Gordana Kovačević said these companies supported the Business Women's Club of Srpska in organsing a conference and strengthening the business climate in Republika Srpska and women’s role in the process.

"We are also pleased to have an agreement signed which formalizes the network of women from the region in the promotion of personal and professional values," said Kovačević. /end/vos